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What to light with a 50 w outdoor LED projector?

What to light with a 50 w outdoor LED projector?

The 50w outdoor LED floodlight is a great option for a variety of uses. However, few people really know its usefulness in lighting. When is this choice really ideal? What kind of space can 50W power cover? Details will be communicated to you in this article.

The characteristics of a 50 W LED projector

The 50w outdoor LED floodlight has a beam angle of 15 degrees , which means the light can cover approximately 45m² of area . With 50W of power, you can light up anything and everything.

To give you an estimate of the power of a 50 W LED projector, take a typical light bulb and multiply it by 7 . With 50 W, the light intensity will therefore be equivalent to 350 W of a conventional bulb. This can improve further depending on the LED used, its design and its ability to return light.

There are also other characteristics that define the real performance of an LED projector , namely, the color temperature , its light intensity, the number of lumens, its protection index, etc.

The ideal choice for a medium-sized outdoor space

A 50W LED floodlight remains an excellent choice for a medium-sized outdoor space. It's not too powerful, but it's enough to illuminate the area and make your space brighter.

A 50W LED floodlight has many benefits that make it a great choice for those looking to light up their yard or garden. The advantages of this type of light are as follows:

  • It is cost effective and can last up to 25 years with minimal maintenance
  • It emits less heat than other types of lamps, meaning it is safer for children, pets and plants.
  • It is easy to install and is not too bulky.
  • There are many different styles available to suit any taste or preference.

There are several types of LED for the various lighting existing on the market. You have the floor-standing LED, the dimmable LED, the portable LED, the battery LED, the waterproof LED and others. For outdoor needs, waterproof LED is most suitable . It has a minimum protection index of 65, defined by the acronym IP65. Note that these characteristics can be combined on a single device.

Some 50W outdoor LED floodlights also have a motion sensor. At the slightest movement within an angle of 180°, the lamp turns on.

50 W LED spotlight for targeted lighting

You have probably noticed that in large festivities such as shows, operators use LED projectors to light the entire stage . In fact, they don't even need extreme power to cover the space intended for artists.

With a power of 50 W, it is entirely possible to target a specific area with lighting. It is the ideal lamp for lighting a barbecue area or a garden terrace. Thanks to this device, you will not have to install other lighting fixtures to cover the entire space.

You can also use a 50 W outdoor LED floodlight to highlight a specific area in your yard . With a projector equipped with a motion detector, thieves are unlikely to hang around. Its intensity is high enough to cover all your doorways.

Lighting suitable for a playground

Outdoor LED projectors are becoming more and more popular these days. This light source does not retain its power, even with a 50 W device. However, you can have one with a power of 100 W and even more.

All this to say that a 50 W projector is a perfect choice for lighting a playground . Simply install 4 LED floodlights of this power in each corner of your property to feel like it's broad daylight.

Now, lighting issues are no longer on your list of headaches when it comes to organizing an outdoor event. In addition, LED light is known for its long lifespan which can reach 50,000 hours . You will like to transform your garden into a place of nighttime leisure, now you know what type of lighting to use.

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