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Among the different types of lamp, here are the 3 models essential to your interior

Among the different types of lamp, here are the 3 models essential to your interior

Today, we are introducing you to three types of lamps that will bring a touch of refinement to your interior.

There are an incredible number of variations on the lighting market , so you should have no problem finding the ones that are perfect for your space.

As there are hundreds of types of lamps, we decided to discuss three:

  1. Bedside tables.

  2. Desk lamps.

  3. Banker type lamps.

Some people don't like table lamps for lighting.

For what ?

Because it is more difficult to turn them on (in fact, you have to find the small button along the electrical cable). It's easier to press a conveniently placed, easy-to-reach switch on a wall.

Except, of course, when you connect your table lamp (s) to a switch, and that's a different story.

The other argument that does not work in favor of table lamps is that they take up valuable space on a table or desk.

Despite this, one of the main advantages of a table lamp is that it can provide good lighting for reading or doing detailed work, without lighting up the entire rest of the room.

And if you know how to play with the different types of bulbs , LED or incandescent bulbs, you will be able to customize your lighting fixture, not only to regulate its consumption, but also to generate exactly the brightness you need.

So ready to find your table lamps? Let's go !

Choosing your table lamps

From short, round lamps to tall, narrow lamps, you're spoiled for choice when selecting a table lamp for any room, including the living room, bedroom, library, or even your home office , etc.

But be careful, choosing a table lamp is not limited to choosing the one that suits your tastes and style. You also need to think about where and how you will use the lamp.

Our guide will make it easier for you to find the perfect lamp for the living room, office or bedroom.

The first thing you need to think about when choosing a new table lamp is where you are going to use it .

Some table lamps have a purely decorative function while others are intended to illuminate an area to make it easier to see.

Bedside lamps

A bedside lamp is a lamp that sits on a nightstand. Typically, bedside lamps are sold in pairs, one for the nightstand on each side of the bed.

Although the lamps can be matched, you don't have to choose two similar lamps. If you like one type of lamp and your partner likes another, it's okay to have coordinating lamps , but not perfectly matched.

Ideally, the bedside lamps you choose should coordinate with the rest of your bedroom furniture . If you have large bedside tables, the lamps should also be large.

If you have small nightstands, you should choose small lamps or spotlights.

If they are equipped with incandescent bulbs, this will give a warm tone to the room. If you want to have the equivalent in LED technology, the best is to go for 2700 lumen. Keep in mind that LED bulbs are more economical than filament (or incandescent) bulbs.

Height is also important when choosing a bedside lamp, especially if you plan to read in bed by the light of the lamp. As a general rule, the nightstand should be at the same height as your mattress, and the bottom edge of the shade should be in line with your chin when you're sitting up in bed with a book.

  • A lamp that is too high will dazzle you if you sit next to it.
  • A lamp that is too low will not illuminate your book properly.

Desk lamps

If you have a home office space, even if it's just a small desk in the corner of a room, you need a desk lamp to illuminate the projects or tasks you're working on. The quality of lighting in your workspace has a direct effect on your productivity.

Desk lamps often feature an adjustable arm, allowing you to position the light directly above the area to be illuminated or adjust the angle of the light to better illuminate your work.

As with a bedside lamp, the size of your desk lamp should match the size of your desk . If you have a compact desk or workspace, choose a small lamp. A larger desk requires a more generous lamp.

If your office is large and spacious, you can also have two lights there to improve light output. Some models, such as the American style tripod desk lamp , are ideal for this type of configuration.

Why not choose a two-in-one light: which lights efficiently while charging your mobile phone? So opt for a retro-looking desk lamp with its induction charger!

“Banker” style desk lamp

A banker's lamp is a type of desk lamp. It is generally short, with a glass half-cylinder shaped lampshade. Traditionally, the lampshade is made of glass and is green in color.

Because the lamp shines downward, it is often used on top of a piano, where it can help illuminate sheet music.

You've probably seen these banker's lamps lined up on tables in large libraries, like the New York Public Library.

This table lamp is a great classic. And equipped with LED lamps, this light has stood the test of time. This is why we offer it to you on our site, because this timeless piece adds an incomparable touch of elegance to your office.

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