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The history of the Waaf lamp and how to use it in interior decoration

The history of the Waaf lamp and how to use it in interior decoration

Designed by Pierre Stadelmann, a canine lover, the Waaf lamp is designed to pay tribute to man's best friend. Its perfect joints allow you to comfortably perform “lying”, “sitting”, and standing! Focus on this lamp which is both original and functional . How to integrate it into interior decoration?

The Waaf: a remarkable decorative object

The Waaf lamp was created in 2010 , after its young designer Pierre Stadelmann took a trip to Italy. He went there to follow training in the arts and crafts, wanting to experiment in cabinetmaking. It was during his first job in his hometown, Nantes, that this canine enthusiast imagined this minimalist lamp . It remarkably reproduces the various positions of the dog .

The Waaf is articulated from head to paws and imitates incredibly well the furballs you love so much. Since then, the model has been available in several colors and sells particularly well, particularly among interior decoration enthusiasts.

A decorative and functional lamp

Thanks to its adjustable head , the Waaf lamp is an object that is as functional as it is decorative. Its modular head allows you to have several lighting options . This lamp which can accompany you night and day can adapt to all rooms. She keeps you company and lights your path like a real little dog would. You can give it as a gift thanks to its great adaptability.

Its well-thought-out design is appreciated by both children and adults. Young and old will find their little happiness and will enjoy a peaceful moment next to this lamp which articulates impeccably.

The Waaf lamp in the decoration of your living room

On the console, a shelf or a side table, the Waaf lamp can sit proudly, easily integrating into your decoration, whatever its style. In natural wood or colored metal, the Waaf will not hesitate to light up the corners of your living room by providing a warm and friendly light .

The Waaf lamp will bring a nice touch to the whole house, combining modernity and nature . If, like the young designer, you are passionate about canines, you can only enjoy the company of your lamp, especially during your moments of relaxation.

A childish-looking lamp that finds its place in an adult space

The adaptability of the Waaf lamp makes it a very popular model in terms of interior decoration. Placed on your desk you will benefit from its usefulness and its great lighting capacity . With its joints, you can direct it according to your needs to illuminate you. When it is not lit, the Waaf lamp serves as a particularly pleasant and original decorative object.

If its little dog look delights little ones, its practical side, its design and its functions do not fail to attract the attention of older people.

A lamp perfectly suited to a children's room

At first glance, the Waaf lamp easily looks like a toy with its shape of a small dog. Its joints allow it to lie down, sit and stand just like a dog would.

  • Placed on your child's bedside table, the Waaf is an excellent night light .
  • Placed at your child's desk, it illuminates their work space while decorating their entire room.
  • Placed on a shelf, it will simply serve as an animal decorative object which will quickly adapt to the entire decoration.

A light with flair

Since its creation, the Waaf lamp has become a design icon . She toured the world creating international notoriety. To date, it has more than 3,000 copies sold by stores specializing in interior decoration. The Waaf is by far the best-selling Pierre Stadelmann object.

The modularity and functionality of the lamp remain the main assets of this coveted object.

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