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Discover the lighting styles that will highlight your interior in 2022

Discover the lighting styles that will highlight your interior in 2022

Lighting fixtures are considered the jewels that complete the beautification of a house. When you choose the right lighting, it immediately improves your space.

The right type of lighting combined with the right fixture has the power to transform your living space.

So follow the 2022 guide and devour all our advice to find your own style of light and properly illuminate your space according to your needs!

How to achieve interior lighting in your home?

Whether you are looking to make your living room warmer, to highlight a particular corner of your home, to illuminate your work space, the mirror area of ​​your bathroom or simply to assert your identity through decoration, there are many options available. 'offer to you.

However, choosing the right lighting fixtures is not an easy task.

A mistake that most people tend to make when choosing their pendant lights , table lamps or adjustable spotlights is to focus only on the general aesthetics of the lighting products, forgetting to consider the function they provide. 'they will have in space.

A lighting fixture with the most beautiful effect can create an atmosphere that brings a room to life, while highlighting certain objects. But functional lighting must also be aesthetic!

How to find the right type of lighting?

The two most important elements to have in mind and which will help you refine your selection of lighting fixtures for your home are:

  1. The location where this light fixture will be placed. This will determine what this type of lighting will be used for (will it illuminate a large or small space? Is it there to create a general atmosphere? Should it help you carry out a specific task?)
  2. The second fundamental element is your taste in terms of design and aesthetics, in harmony with the style you are going to give to your interior. Each of us is sensitive to different types of lighting, different fashions, different materials. So, if you haven't asked yourself this question yet, what we advise you to do is surf on inspiration websites such as Pinterest and Houzz. They will allow you to see which style of light you want to go for.


Once you have a clearer idea of ​​the style of lighting you would like to have in your home, all you have to do is go hunting and finalize your purchases!


What lighting for each room?

We've already covered this in another article on our blog, but let's come back to it for a moment: before choosing your light sources, it is essential to understand the different types of lighting that exist.

Lighting is classified into three main categories:

  1. Ambient lighting: This is normally the main lighting in the room. Its function is to illuminate a space without any particular consideration. It lights up an entire room.
  2. Task lighting: This lighting is essential because it illuminates specific areas in a room, such as a work table, kitchen slabs, a desk, a work surface.
  3. Accent lighting: It is used to accentuate the look of a particular decorative element such as a painting to be highlighted on a wall, a statue or even a valuable object.


These three types of lighting allow you to multiply the light sources, in order to make your spaces pleasant, but also functional.

Admit that a poorly lit kitchen worktop is not ideal for reading your pastry recipe or finalizing the presentation of a good dish that you have carefully prepared.

Remember to play on the void and the full, the dark and light parts of your space for all your rooms in the house.


What style of lighting should you choose for your interior?

Dare to go Scandinavian or eco style!

The ability to bring nature into your home is an ambition that you may have, especially if you want to bring an eco-friendly and cozy feel to your space. Nature is a perpetual source of inspiration, with play of textures on wood which is an ideal material, both for a table lamp and for a chandelier.

This year, the trend is towards the eco-mix. Designers use natural materials to create or decorate the light fixture. It doesn't have to be just one material. It can be a combination of twine, rope, burlap, wooden beads or even bamboo.

If you are sensitive to the Scandinavian style, which uses wood to perfection, check out our Hilde pendant light, perfect for a dining room or decorative living room. Its poetic shape, which resembles a bamboo bird cage, is ideal for providing ambient lighting that meets your needs.


Zen and clean lines

In a modern home, intricate or baroque designs can be difficult to pull together. So if you have a space with a refined, zen and contemporary style, opt for simple lighting models with clear lines.

The minimalism trend will become even more popular in 2022, as new lighting fixtures hit the market that focus on simple geometric designs in neutral colors.

You can incorporate modern, sleek lighting into any space in your home, whether it's the living room, kitchen or bedroom. Ideal when used overhead as a chandelier, creating a simple, yet bold look. But it can also be a reading lamp, ceiling light or accent light.


Industrial style lighting: a return with more refinement

Industrial style has always been synonymous with raw finishes, neutral or dark colors and metal. Today we are witnessing a strong comeback of industrial decor, but in a different way.

We've moved from traditional industrial lighting to what we call "enhanced industrial." We now use more elegant metals, richer and more varied tones and more offbeat designs while keeping the industrial spirit.

Use industrial lighting to give a room a unique touch. Place them above a kitchen worktop, in the dining room or as wall lighting.

Don't be afraid of industrial style. It is no longer the brutal and "unfinished" style or even a little retro punk. With its updated look, it will fit perfectly into your apartment.


Trust your instincts!

Don't feel like you have to choose a specific style. The best lighting design is the one that you will love and that will work best in your home, based on your usage.

The trends, tips, and ideas above are meant to give you an idea of ​​what you can do with the lighting in your space, whether you're remodeling or building!

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