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How to choose the right golden chandelier to enhance your interior decoration?

How to choose the right golden chandelier to enhance your interior decoration?

Having a chandelier in a living room, in the entrance hall or in your bedroom allows you to enjoy a unique decorative element . Taking it in a golden color is an option that adds more class and elegance. But, so that it can harmonize with your interior decoration, you need to know how to sort through the models that are present on the market. To make the choice, it is advisable to take certain points into account.

Decorating your interior: an important point

Before moving on to purchasing your golden chandelier , it is essential to consider the style that is present in the room you plan to install it in . For a golden chandelier, the industrial cocooning atmosphere can be perfect. If you have a decoration following this trend, golden brass chandeliers may be the right choice. The pure industrial style can also accommodate your golden chandelier.

It can fit into a more chic style like modern Glam . Its coloring will bring a touch of life in the neutral and sober shade offered by this style. If you are more into classic styles, you can opt for this chandelier, but opting for a design reminiscent of the lighting fixtures at the Palace of Versailles.

The golden coloring can suit many decoration styles, the important thing is to play with the design of the chandelier so that it does not clash with your interior. It can vary between:

  • Baroque,
  • Vintage,
  • Modern,
  • Minimalist,
  • Classic.

Make a choice based on the size of the room

Before choosing the chandelier model that suits you, you must take into consideration the surface area of ​​the room to be illuminated . As a general rule, the larger the room, the higher the light intensity should be. To increase the latter, you can choose a chandelier with two levels or with several branches. You can also combine more than one chandelier in the same room.

To do this, you have different methods. You can refer to the lamp power . To be more precise you need to know the surface area of ​​the room, then you need to multiply this value by 15. You can also use calculations based on lumens. In this case, for a room of approximately 30 m², you will need 200 lumens. It should be noted that you can make the link between power and lumens, but the operation is quite complicated.

The height of suspensions: an important parameter

The height at which your golden chandelier hangs will greatly influence the light diffused. A high chandelier would be more suitable for a spacious room. The higher it is suspended, the greater the diffusion of light will be. For a smaller room, it is advisable to choose a chandelier that has a mounting that allows it to hang fairly low .

In practice, the standard height of a chandelier is 2.10 m relative to your floor. In case you are going to install the chandelier in your living room, this height is perfect. For slightly smaller rooms , you should opt for a suspension of approximately 1.60 m . If you plan to install it in your dining room, it is advisable to put more than 1 m of space between the table top and your chandelier.

The type of lamps compatible with the golden chandelier

Chandeliers are not necessarily suitable for all types of lamps on the market. It is essential to pay attention to this point so as not to encounter unpleasant surprises. Chandeliers equipped with halogen or incandescent consume more energy. However, they have a retro and vintage style which can be advantageous for decoration. Compact fluorescent lamps are more economical and fit more into a modern style.

Chandeliers compatible with LED lamps are particularly efficient. They are both economical and have a long lifespan. In addition, this type of light protects your eyes from fatigue. They also have adjustable lighting that can be dimmed depending on the ambiance . The chandelier with LED lamps adapts well to more intimate rooms. It is also perfect for functional uses.

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