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A hobbyist's guide to decorating trends in 2024

A hobbyist's guide to decorating trends in 2024

It is said that housing is a reflection of personality. It's no wonder, then, that interior design trends change as often as the seasons.

They reflect our way of being, thinking and even allow us to express our individuality. Whether you're planning to update your living room or simply breathe new life into your personal space, knowing the interior design trends for 2024 is essential.

This guide will help you navigate the fascinating world of interior design by helping you amplify the aesthetic of your home. So, get ready to be inspired and discover new decorating trends in 2024.

Emphasis on naturalness and sustainability

When it comes to creating a comfortable and attractive interior space, a focus on naturalness and sustainability plays a crucial role. Last year we saw a dramatic increase in the need to connect our homes with nature and create places where we can feel comfortable and safe.

In the post-Covid-19 era, these trends are only getting stronger, reinforcing the idea that it is possible to combine beauty and eco-friendliness in interior design.

Simple and durable design

When it comes to interior trends in 2024, simplicity is the key word. By preferring clean, minimalist designs, not only do we create an environment where it's easy to relax and focus, but we also opt for durable elements that will stand the test of time.

  • Choose basic furniture with clean lines and neutral colors.
  • Opt for natural fabrics that offer durability, comfort and a low carbon footprint.
  • Reduce clutter by getting rid of unnecessary items and organizing your space efficiently.

Trendy raw materials

Raw materials, such as stone, unfinished wood and metal, have emerged in interior design. These materials require less processing, making them more environmentally friendly. Plus, they offer a sturdy, authentic aesthetic that can bring a comfortable, solid feeling to any space.

“When thinking about sustainable interior design, the key is to reduce environmental impact,” explains the renowned interior designer. “Using raw materials brings us closer to nature and allows us to appreciate its pure beauty.”

Favor recycled materials and sustainable methods

More and more homeowners and interior designers are turning to recycled materials and sustainable methods to minimize the carbon footprint of home decor.

  • Use recycled wood for your furniture. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also durable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Opt for low-VOC paint to reduce the impact of your renovations on indoor air quality.
  • When purchasing new furniture or accessories, think about their life cycle. How long will they last? Are they recyclable? These questions can help you make more sustainable choices.

Ultimately, a focus on naturalness and sustainability is not only a trend, but also a necessity. If each of us makes an effort to make our living spaces greener, we can all move one step closer to a more sustainable world.

Return to vintage and retro styles

Dear design lover, have you ever wondered why vintage and retro decorating styles are making a huge comeback? That's because they offer the cozy comfort of the past while echoing our contemporary desire for customization and durability.

Vintage and retro, after all, are not simply fads of the past, but an expression of timeless charm and individual character. 🌟

Cottagecore style

Summoning the nostalgic image of the countryside, the Cottagecore style has made a major breakthrough in interior design. Joyfully rustic and delightfully casual, Cottagecore embraces the aesthetic of simpler, more balanced living. Here are some key elements to help you adopt this style:

  • Linen and sackcloth fabrics to add texture and warmth
  • Wicker or rattan baskets for chic and inexpensive storage
  • Soft patterns, like wildflowers and stripes to recall old days
  • Functional yet quaint furnishings like chests of drawers and open book shelves

“Cottagecore style is more than just interior design. It is an affirmation of simplicity, authenticity and the simple joys of life.”

Mix of modern furniture and antiques

On the other hand, mixing modern furniture and antiques is the way to go for those who prefer a more subtle approach to vintage. This creative strategy allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: modern comfort and historic charm.

  1. Combine a modern work table with a vintage chair for a unique finish.
  2. Add an antique armchair to your minimalist living room to create a visual focal point.
  3. Use an antique lamp or detailed mirror to complement your modern style.

Mixing styles creates a design tension that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also tells a unique story that reflects your personality and sense of style. Remember, interior design is an art, but it's also a way to express who you are and what you love. 💖

Returning to vintage and retro styles, this is certainly not a fleeting whim, it is a celebration of the history and heritage that these designs offer us. So why not let yourself be tempted by adding a vintage touch to your home?

Material trends

Are you passionate about interior design trends? Are you looking forward to discovering trendy materials to bring new life to your spaces? You are in the right place ! Considering the growing need to personalize our homes to reflect our unique identity, it is crucial to understand market trends. So let's see what the current trends are in materials for interior design.

The great return of chrome

Ah, the beautiful shine of chrome! This shiny metal, which many had previously abandoned in favor of other metallic finishes like rose gold or copper, is making a comeback. Chrome elements add a touch of luxury and modernity to any space, while being incredibly versatile. Whether it's bathroom accessories, floor lamps or door handles, chrome is fast becoming the ultimate choice.

This is great news for interior design enthusiasts because chrome has many benefits:

  • Durability : Chromium is known for its strength and resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for long-term use.
  • Design Flexibility : With its shiny, eye-catching finish, chrome can be easily paired with different color and material palettes.
  • Easy to maintain : Chrome is easy to clean and maintain, making it perfect for busy people.

Popularity of indoor trees

Last year we saw a growing trend of including houseplants in interior design. And this year, indoor trees seem to be the new attraction!

Decorating living spaces with indoor trees not only adds a touch of green but also creates a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere.

There's nothing like a huge monstera or springy fig tree to transform an ordinary space into a green oasis. But your tree doesn't have to be huge to make an impact. Even a small, well-cared-for bonsai or jade tree can make a big difference.

Here are some reasons why indoor trees have become so popular:

  • Better air quality : Indoor trees help purify the air in your home, improving the quality of the air you breathe.
  • Connections with nature : These trees create the perfect connection with nature without having to leave your home.
  • Aesthetically appealing : Absolutely! Indoor trees add a beautiful touch of green vibrancy to your home.

In summary, whether you're drawn to the gleaming charm of chrome or the invigorating vibrancy of indoor trees, these two material trends are perfect for sprucing up your living space in 2024. So why not try these trends and transform your home into a chic and welcoming sanctuary?

Color trends 2024

The year 2024 still has some nice surprises in store for us in terms of color trends. Make no mistake, these new shades will add personality to our living and working spaces. Soothing, invigorating and bold at the same time, these colors will be a source of inspiration for us all. But then, what are these colors that will be talked about in 2024?

Shades inspiring tranquility and vitality

Marking a decisive step towards a softer and more natural color palette, olive green and eucalyptus green will be in the spotlight. These shades, extracted directly from nature, inspire tranquility and remind us of our deep and often forgotten connection with the earth.

  • Olive Green : Soothing and rich, olive green is a warm, down-to-earth color that encourages security and stability. Its appeal lies in its versatility – it can serve as a neutral base or be used as a bold accent color, depending on how it is integrated into a room.
  • Eucalyptus Green : Imagine walking through a fresh, fragrant eucalyptus forest... That's exactly the effect this cool, calming green is supposed to evoke. Its natural lightness makes it a perfect choice for rooms that require a little more tranquility and clarity, such as a bedroom or home office.

Return of bright colors

At the same time, a vibrant color trend like terracotta, red, and the refreshing combination of yellow and black is making a comeback.

  • Terracotta : A return to basics with this warm and earthy shade. Terracotta is a feast for the eyes, bringing a sense of warmth and comfort to any room. In 2024, expect to see more of this nostalgic color paired with natural textures.
  • Red : Say hello to boldness and passion with the return of red in 2024. This energizing color is perfect for instilling dynamism and enthusiasm in any space.
  • Yellow and black : Make no mistake, this is not the bee's watchtower trend. The contrast between bright yellow and deep black creates a dramatic, captivating, and ultra-stylish effect. In 2024, this pair will be a hit.

Trendy colors in 2024

As you can see, 2024 offers us a fascinating color palette that combines tranquility, vitality and boldness. Whether it's calming natural hues, uplifting bright colors or unexpected combinations, there's something to touch the aesthete in all of us.

Get ready to incorporate these color trends into your own space and embrace the future of interior design.

Shapes and lines in 2024 decor

Like the sun waking up at the dawn of a new year, the world of interior design is emerging with a delightful palette of trends for the year 2024. With a particular awakening of shapes and lines, decor could well surprise you this year.

Indeed, the key to 2024 decorative charm seems to be in diversity, all expressed through organic shapes and fluid lines. After all, what could be more vibrant than a setting that is not linear and instead reflects the natural dynamism of life?

Organic shapes

The year 2024 will see the popularity of organic shapes skyrocket. These shapes, which echo nature and its rustic charm, will give a feeling of softness and balance to your living space.

  • Organic Paintings : If you are looking for something original and interesting for your walls, then consider organic paintings. Whether abstract paintings based on earthy colors or photographs of natural landscapes, they bring an organic touch to your home.
  • Furniture with soft shapes : Improve your comfort with furniture with soft, sinuous shapes. Imagine a sofa that hugs your body or a chair that conforms to the shape of your back. This will create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Nature-inspired accessories : Including natural elements in your decor can give a feeling of harmony and peace. Consider tree-shaped vases, leaf paintings and floral designs for your linens.
“In 2024, we are going to be even more connected with nature – and this is reflected in our homes.”

Fluid lines

Alongside organic shapes, the year 2024 will also feature flowing lines in decor. Whether in the texture of fabrics, in the pattern of wallpapers or in the design of furniture, these lines will add a feeling of movement and freshness.

  • Furniture with fluid lines : The trend is increasingly looking for furniture that is not rigid. Opt for elements with curved lines, rounded shapes or wavy patterns. This will add a touch of lightness to your space and encourage movement and circulation.
  • Wavy curtains and fabrics : Instead of choosing stiff curtains and fabrics, you can opt for softer textures that wave freely. This will add a touch of romance and luxury to your space.
  • Flowing Wallpaper Patterns : Consider using wallpapers with patterns that appear to flow like water. These designs are not only soothing to the eyes, but they will also add an artistic touch to your interior.

One thing is certain – in 2024, your home could look like a magnificent artistic interpretation of nature. With organic shapes and flowing lines, interior design opens up to a new era of expression, where each room tells a story of connection with the natural world. It's exciting, isn't it?

So, see you in 2024 for total immersion in the art of decorating with nature!

Throughout this guide, we have discovered that interior design in 2024 will be centered on nature, sustainability, and a return to vintage and retro styles. Bright colors and natural materials will play a major role, as will chrome and organic shapes.

In the end, whatever trend attracts you, the main thing is to create a space that suits you, that brings you well-being and in which you feel good. This is where Delisse can help you.

Do not hesitate to visit our site to discover our range of lighting made in France and our Scandinavian lamps which will bring a touch of modernity, durability and elegance to your interior decoration.

At Delisse, we are committed to providing quality products and an exceptional experience to our customers. Our team is at your disposal to advise you and answer all your questions. 🏡💡

Remember that your home is a reflection of your personality, so don't be afraid to break the rules if it allows you to create the space you've always dreamed of!

Frequently asked questions

  1. What decoration trends are predicted for 2024?

    Some decorating trends predicted for 2024 include the use of bold and vibrant colors, an emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly materials, the integration of smart technology into decorating, the embrace of minimalist style, and the incorporation of natural elements in space.

  2. How can I incorporate bold, bright colors into my decor?

    To incorporate bold, bright colors into your decor, you can opt for walls painted in bright hues, add colorful accessories such as cushions or rugs, or even opt for furniture in bright colors to create focal points in your space.

  3. What are the sustainable materials recommended for decoration in 2024?

    Some sustainable materials recommended for decorating in 2024 are recycled wood, bamboo, organic linen, vegan leather, and fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. These materials help reduce the environmental impact of your decoration.

  4. What is smart technology in decoration?

    Smart technology in decorating refers to the use of connected devices and systems to control various aspects of your space, such as lighting, heating, security and even household appliances. This brings an extra level of comfort and efficiency to your home.

  5. What are the characteristics of minimalist style?

    Minimalist style is characterized by clean lines, open spaces, neutral colors and a lack of clutter. It focuses on the essential and creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The use of natural materials, such as wood and metal, is also common in minimalist style.

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