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Vintage glass and brass pendant light: how to create an elegant atmosphere?

Vintage glass and brass pendant light: how to create an elegant atmosphere?

Pendant lamps remain essential in interior decoration . They can blend into different styles and blend perfectly with your ideas. Glass and brass lamps are recognized for their vintage touch which are regaining ground in terms of trend. You can follow a few rules to create an elegant ambiance in your living room or the room of your choice.

The vintage touch for the industrial cocooning style

Although glass and brass pendant lamps can adapt to different styles of decoration, the industrial cocooning style remains the one that suits it best. They will bring the industrial touch that is so dear to the balance of the style.

It will match the warm decoration present in the room. To accompany it, you can opt for:

  • wood,
  • Steel
  • marble,
  • Leather.

Brass is perfect as a base for your lighting elements. It adds character to your interior. Combined with light wood, the result will simply take your breath away. The combination of wood and metal has already proven itself.

Add a small coffee table made of marble and your living room will be almost complete. To complete the decoration, a leather sofa with a large number of throws and cushions will complete your cozy interior, but with character.

The brightness of your lamp: a key element

The light given by your central room must be able to highlight the elements present there. After all, isn't that the primary role of a lamp? The first rule to respect is to opt for fairly soft light . It is advisable to avoid lamps that provide too much brightness which could blind the audience more than anything else. In this mission, smoked glasses could be a lifesaver.

The height of your brass lamp also plays a role on this point. It will depend on the surface area of ​​the room in which it is installed. For a room that is no more than 10 m², the lamp can be installed less than 1.60 m from the floor. The larger the room, the higher it will be. For rooms larger than 20 m², a height of more than 2.15 m is essential, with a ceiling light with a diameter greater than 60 cm.

The golden color of brass: a touch of elegance

Aside from the industrial cocooning style which appeals to the vintage side of the brass and glass lamp , the modern glam style is also based on hanging lamps made of brass. The golden color it presents is a key element to enhance the fairly neutral tone of this style. But, you have to pay special attention not to overdo it. Too much gold could end up in the too-much. The other elements present in the room must be revised a little more soberly.

It can also adapt to your kitchen. A brass and glass pendant light can give natural warmth in addition to the light it provides. It will be perfect for bringing a little color and elegance to your dining room or kitchen. If it is above a table, you can move it a little closer to the latter so that it only illuminates this part of the room. This touch will make all the difference.

A filament bulb: combining elegance and vintage

To push the game to its climax, you can opt for a light bulb while filming . Your pendant lamp will recall Thomas Edison's invention, and what could be more vintage? But, this touch can also bring elegance and class into your interior . Placed above a wooden table, the brass and glass lamp will be in its rightful place.

In this case , the height of the lamp can be as low as you wish. Please note that you do not have to choose the classic shape of the bulb as it was created. At Ikea , you can find other models with different designs and glass in different shades. The filament can also be made of carbon for greater lifespan.

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