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Which light fixture for high ceilings?

Which light fixture for high ceilings?

Ideas for lighting fixtures for high ceilings at the right height!

A light fixture is good, but a light fixture that perfectly illuminates a room is a thousand times better! Yes, it is the ceiling height that guides the lighting in the room. Which light fixture for a high ceiling ? This is the question we have all asked ourselves at least once in our entire lives. Finally, for those who obviously have a preference for high ceilings.

High heights are trendy. They allow the room to be ventilated and create an open atmosphere. Nothing to do with cluttered spaces that make it difficult to breathe! The big problem arises when it is necessary to light your rooms.

But do not worry. There is a solution to everything! Especially when it comes to suspensions, chandeliers or even ceiling lights. I can assure you that you will find the right lighting for your room , even if it has a high ceiling. There are even very high ceiling lights!

You just need to know how to do it and follow a few small rules. And you could very easily adapt your lighting fixture to your ceiling height. So, what lighting for high ceilings? Discover lighting ideas for high ceilings.

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But first of all, when do we say that the room has a high ceiling?

We can very easily imagine what this looks like. The ceiling is high ceiling when it is very high. To illustrate this, I usually refer to old houses that we see in movies. This type of residence has extremely high ceiling heights.

The same goes for cathedrals. We also speak of cathedral ceilings to designate those which are even higher. This usually requires very high ceiling lighting .

But sometimes we confuse high ceilings with empty space. Yes, when the ceiling height is high, it gives a feeling of emptiness in the room. But in some cases, the empty spaces extend over several floors. It's no longer about the height of your ceilings.

So how do you know if your rooms have high ceilings?

Please note that for new constructions, the average ceiling height varies between 2.50 and 2.70 meters . If the distance between the floor and ceiling in your home exceeds these measurements, then you have high ceilings.

It is not a surprise. Nowadays, many homes have high ceiling values, which can well exceed 3 meters.

And in this case, the chosen luminaire must be able to illuminate the entire available space while taking into account the constraints linked to the room: beams, alignment... But be careful! We must not forget the visual aspect.

Succeeding in lighting rooms with high ceilings aesthetically but also effectively can sometimes be an obstacle course. But rest assured. Once you have finished reading this article, you will no longer have to worry.

high ceiling light fixture in living room


First challenge: choosing the right lighting

To overcome all the constraints linked to ceiling height and successfully complete your lighting plan, you must take into account one crucial element: the type of lighting.

With the beams and especially the vast space you have, it is absolutely necessary to avoid gray areas. It would be a shame if some parts of the room were more illuminated than others. The objective will therefore be to obtain lighting that is not only uniform, but also homogeneous and consistent throughout the room.

You can imagine that a few lamps placed here and there in a room with a high ceiling would not do the trick. At worst, you'll need quite a few of these lamps. Which will definitely remove the feeling of space that you wanted to have by opting for high ceilings.

My little tip for you is to first opt ​​for recessed lighting . This is the best way to avoid dark areas. And this is where recessed spotlights come into play. They adapt to any room. Make sure to choose lamps with high light output to properly illuminate the entire available space.

But that won't be enough. This is the first layer of lighting. Other elements will complement this light source.

Different lighting ideas for high ceilings

To obtain an effective lighting effect, you will need to use pendant lights or chandeliers. These will be used to add additional lighting to the room. This second layer of light will be mainly concentrated on the sensitive parts, those which are most inhabited or used: dining table, sofa area, counter, etc.

But which suspensions to choose? Here are some lighting ideas for rooms with high ceilings, but also very elegant 😉

Suspensions for high ceilings

Pendant lighting is perfectly in fashion! And for high ceiling heights, it is also very practical. In addition, you have the choice between different varieties. Among them, there are many extremely trendy pendant lights .

Whether for your kitchen, the dining room or even your stairwells, pendant lights attached to the ceiling constitute a perfect light source for the room. And guess what? You can kill two birds with one stone!

There are so many models of pendant lights to hang from the ceiling that you can easily choose the one that completely matches your decoration style.

Whether you are into classic or vintage, modern or contemporary, or if you are more of a minimalist type, you will have something for everyone. And also in almost all subjects! You can even choose a light fixture with a particular design . Either way, it will be simple for you to achieve the desired effect.

And little tip, don’t hold back with greatness. When you have a certain ceiling height, the lighting must be imposing . Otherwise, it would go unnoticed. So don't be afraid to add volume! You just need to determine the ideal size for your pendant light depending on the room .

high chandelier ceiling light fixture

The functional chandelier: an ideal pendant light for high ceilings in the living room

The living room high ceiling light is necessary when this room has a high ceiling height. The latter must be able to distribute light both upwards and downwards, and this in a homogeneous manner.

For this, there is nothing better than a chandelier , especially if your ceiling has a slope. The chandelier will serve to highlight it and diffuse light throughout the room. It will also bring style to your decoration.

Use your imagination. And there too, add volume.

high ceiling light fixture in living room

Floor lamps for rooms with high ceilings

For some rooms, it will be necessary to add a final layer of light in certain specific areas. A bedroom light with a high ceiling will, for example, be accompanied by a table lamp to provide additional lighting on the bedside table.

The same goes for the kitchen island and the dining table. Be sure to choose lamps with shades that are easy to move. If by chance the table were to be moved, the lighting could easily follow.

And guess what? Here, lamps can also serve as decorative accessories. This will be an opportunity to test the industrial style and bring more character to the room.


High ceiling lights: play with styles!

Now you know how to define your lighting plan for your rooms with high ceilings. 3 light sources will be necessary to illuminate the entire space and bring charm to your decoration.

And you know what ? You can even opt for models with cluster lamps to be installed at different heights. This will add a touch of fantasy to your style if it is too demure 😉 .

Either way, there is no shortage of ideas. Just take a look at our store to choose the perfect light fixture for your high ceiling room .


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