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Our 6 tips for transforming a dark room into a bright room in a creative way

Our 6 tips for transforming a dark room into a bright room in a creative way

Finding a way to bring light into a dark room is always a challenge when moving into a new space. This is even more true if this area does not have large windows, which results in optimal natural light being prevented from entering.

Fortunately, there are several simple ways to work on decoration, whether it is decoration via lighting fixtures, or decoration with mirrors, to illuminate your interiors.

If you are here, it is because you have a room or even an apartment that lacks light. We all know those rooms where there are no openings, where it is so difficult to let in natural light.

We have written this article specifically to help you increase light where it is needed.

You will see that with a few simple tips, your interior will gain in well-being and clarity while taking advantage of the latest design trends.

Ready to discover these few tips to help you light up a dark bedroom, kitchen or living room?

1. Place mirrors near light sources (especially for the bathroom)

Although it seems like classic advice to use mirrors to expand the visual space and brighten a dark room, it still works.

However, to fully exploit the potential of your mirrors, be sure to place them strategically near a light source, especially in a bathroom.

In a living room that lacks light, a giant wall or floor mirror placed near a window can really amplify the natural light.

Placing table lamps on furniture or a floor lamp next to a mirror can also have a similar effect. For best results, make sure the lamp emits ambient, diffused lighting, so that it is not too dazzling when reflected on the mirror.

Adding a large mirror can have the visual effect of adding windows where there are none. This is another way to easily bring natural light into your home.

2. Boost the decorative effect with candles and garlands

If you are looking to add a touch of extra light to your dark rooms, without overpowering them, a great solution is to decorate them with long strings of lights or arrange a group of large candles.

Not only will they offer the right touch of brightness, but they will also bring enormous charm and a feeling of well-being.

As long as they have a warm, yellow light, they will be perfect for your home. They create an intimate, hygge atmosphere that can effortlessly make even the most modern industrial decor chic.

Arranged on your furniture, they will highlight it and give it character.

3. Furniture: favor light or transparent colors

We generally choose our sofas, chairs and tables based on our personal taste and what we think goes best together.

That said, always consider how your furniture decisions impact the lighting level in your home.

A small and dark room?

A large dark gray or navy blue sofa is probably not the best idea!

A sleek, compact sofa in a lighter color like white, beige, or ivory will make your room feel much larger and more spacious.

Most importantly, avoid tables, bed frames or TV stands made from walnut or dark wood. Instead, opt for transparent acrylic furniture.

4. Direct your light fixtures toward the walls or ceiling

Instead of pointing your lights every which way, try directing the lighting toward the walls or ceiling. This avoids having bright light concentrated on a narrow area of ​​the floor or too concentrated light which offers little brightness.

You can do this with a wall light or a floor lamp. When you light the vertical walls and ceiling, you bring a warm glow to every corner of the room, making it both cozy and spacious.

If you plan to install ceiling spotlights, consider putting a few around the edges, so you can elegantly project light to the sides. The living room is an ideal place to put this decorating tip to good use.

5. Cover the floors with large light rugs

If your home has dark-colored floors, brighten up your rooms by dressing them with lightly colored rugs. This will soften and brighten your floors without having to undertake heavy work. This will also make your furniture stand out.

When choosing a color for your rug, you can opt for white/ivory, yellow, or combinations of warmer shades.

Play with colors in soft, pastel tones, take inspiration for example from the decor trend of southern summer houses or the Scandinavian style.

6. Don’t neglect white walls to brighten up a dark room

Every decorating guide you read probably mentions it, but it's true – white is one of the best colors for brightening a dark room. White bounces light around your space, off each wall, reflecting it off other surfaces. This makes the space appear much larger than it is.

Do you think white is too boring?

Consider adding ornamental trim to ceilings to add texture, or paint a section of wall a refreshing, decorative color. You will see that depending on its exposure to natural light, each wall will react differently.

Also play with curtains in natural and light tones and shades, with linen fabrics and material effects. This is an important element so as not to obscure the passage of light into your house or a room. We advise you to choose your curtains wisely to highlight your interior.

As you can see, bringing light into a dark room can be a fun and creative challenge, especially now that you know the right tricks.

You understand: to have more light, there is no need to create new windows! By adding mirrors and orienting your lights appropriately, you have at your disposal excellent ideas for illuminating your spaces.

If you try any of these solutions at home, we'd love to see your photos and hear your results. Join the conversation in the comments section below.

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