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The 5 ultimate tips for creating a loft atmosphere in your home

The 5 ultimate tips for creating a loft atmosphere in your home

Have you always loved the New York-style loft atmosphere or the loft style of certain Parisian apartments?

Do you really want to transform your living space to give it that trendy loft feel?

If so, then keep reading.

There are many ways to introduce loft style into your own space: so say welcome to open spaces, exposed brick walls and industrial lighting.

Here are some simple tips to help you. Give your space the perfect urban style with our guide to creating an effortless loft vibe, no matter where you live.

1.Tear down the walls!

Open spaces are emblematic of loft-style interiors. This simple design tip naturally makes your home look spacious. Dining room, office and kitchen can coexist in the same “open space”.

Once you've figured out what each area of ​​your room is, work on the space and play with it. Move your furniture to test the best arrangement. Be sure to find a balance between empty and full to let the place breathe.

Remember the minimalist side of New York lofts!

If you really want to create a loft feel in your space, you may need to knock down a few walls. An open layout is essential for this type of aesthetic.

High ceilings, large windows also make the space feel larger.

loft atmosphere home 4

2.Highlight the famous exposed brick walls

Since warehouses or old industrial buildings are often converted into lofts, there's a good chance there will be a few brick walls in the space.

If you live in an older home, try exposing existing brick (or stone) walls, which may be hidden behind drywall. You can remove the plaster from your wall to expose the brick yourself.

Finally, there are many products that will allow you to create a brick wall that looks completely authentic, without too much effort!

There are a ton of trompe l'oeil wallpapers, in exposed brick, as well as equally trendy concrete effect wallpapers, to bring that totally unique raw and industrial effect.

loft atmosphere residential exposed stones

3. Opt for eclectic furniture!

Lofts are known for housing a variety of furniture from different periods, styles and conditions.

If this is your first time trying this design style, the living room or dining room are good places to start.

Do you have a new sofa straight from the store, a rustic-style bookcase given to you by your parents and a vintage armchair? Perfect.

If your goal is to achieve a loft style, it's virtually impossible for these three elements not to go together. On the contrary, they will coexist wonderfully! So don't be afraid to take the plunge!

If you've always dreamed of juxtaposing an orange cube-shaped piece of furniture from the 1970s, a chair, an industrial light fixture with a large velvet sofa from your grandmother, now is the time!

One thing that always stands out in an authentic urban loft is the perfectly mismatched furniture. Especially the chairs that you put around your dining table, modern, vintage, rustic, wooden, metal... dare to mix them.

Intentionally contrasting pieces from different periods, styles and materials is the signature of trendy lofts.

Add touches of art here and there, paint one of your walls with a powerful color, incorporate trendy objects. Don't be afraid of this aesthetic and eclectic decor which gives all the charm to lofts.

loft atmosphere home eclectic furniture

4.Say YES to minimalism

When arranging your furniture, don't try to fill the space at all costs. Arrange your furniture strategically to maintain plenty of “white space” and make the room feel open and airy.

In the bedroom in particular, opt for a minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired look. Think white sheets, a low bed frame and Scandinavian lighting for a serene, zen and relaxing space.

Combine fabulous finds you nab at the flea market (say, a vintage lamp or second-hand coffee table) with more high-end designer items to achieve the ultimate trendy look. But arrange them sparingly, as if each object were a unique work.

Remember that it’s in mixing the old and the new that the real magic happens!

minimalist loft atmosphere

5.Boost your loft with rugs

A space suitable for loft style is generally exposed to abundant natural light from windows or skylights located high up. It is not obstructed by other buildings or trees, and there is usually plenty of room. There may also be sloped ceilings which also give a little more character to this type of venue.

But how can we make the most of this environment and maximize the stylistic potential of these spaces?

You can do this using modern or traditional rugs! But how to choose your style?

  • Do you have a loft with modern, contemporary furniture, with pure lines and light colors? So a Persian rug can make a powerful contrast while bringing a touch of warmth to your room. Focus on its warm colors. The softness of its fiber will break the coldness and hardness of the modern style of your furniture.
  • Conversely, is your loft space furnished in a more baroque or bohemian chic style? Opt for rugs with pure, modern lines to create an astonishing contrast that will only better highlight all the decorative elements you have chosen.

loft atmosphere home carpet

Ideas ?

Are you a fan of loft style? What design elements do you think are essential to recreating this look?

Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear what you think.

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