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Swan Neck Lamp: How to Choose It for an Effective Design?

Swan Neck Lamp: How to Choose It for an Effective Design?

Are you used to working from home at night or do you have a home office where you spend a lot of your free time? You probably need a lamp adapted to this habit. The Swan Neck lamp will be an excellent choice. We will help you find the one that matches your type of work and your design requirements through the information that follows.

Reasons to opt for a Swan Neck lamp

Before we get to the heart of the matter, we would like to answer, even if it may seem obvious, why you should invest in a gooseneck lamp. The first big reason is simple: to benefit from lighting suitable for reading, drawing and writing . If this is the reason that interests you the most, your choice should lead you to the desk lamp.

The Swan Neck lamp is also of particular importance for interior decoration . It can in fact contribute to ambient lighting in the lighting composition of a room. If this is the aspect that matters most to you, you will be better off opting for a Swan Neck bedside lamp.

However, these details should not be enough for you to settle on your choice, hence the usefulness of providing you with several others.

Vintage Swan Neck Lamp

The dimensions to favor

If you plan to buy your Swan Neck lamp with the aim of decorating only your bedside table, you can choose it in smaller dimensions or proportional to that of this table.

If, on the other hand, it is a question of finding a lamp for working from home, you will have to take into account the dimensions of your office or your workspace, but not only that. You will also need to consider the height of your computer screen . It will serve as a reference to determine the ideal height for your table lamp.

The Ideal Gooseneck Lamp Type

Col de Cygne LED bedside or desk lamps are characterized by their relative simplicity. They are still available on the market in a wide variety of styles and types , especially for the base. Not all of them have the same advantages and disadvantages.

So :

  • The adjustable arm flexions allow for the possibility of moving the light source closer or further away depending on your needs and your work space. They will be an ideal choice for large offices.
  • Swan neck pipes are very popular due to their great flexibility, allowing them to be turned and maneuvered into various positions.
  • Banker type pipes , which have, for best argument, their classic design and elongated shape
  • Lamps with magnifying glass , which allow you to see through them to make small details more visible.
  • Clip-on reading lamps , which, thanks to their clip, can be easily attached to the edge of the desk or another work surface.

Swan Neck Lamp

Adapted brightness, power and color temperatures

You should not settle on the choice of your Swan Neck lamp without taking into account three other important parameters. The first two are brightness and power. A few decades ago, we complained that we could not enjoy the same brightness as a 75 W halogen bulb with a 30 W one.

The advent of LED technology has changed the situation, allowing a glucose reading lamp to deliver the necessary brightness. To meet your changing needs in this area, however, it will be more judicious to opt for an LED gooseneck lamp with variable intensity or one delivering at least 400 lumens.

The last of these parameters is color temperature. If you opt for a piano, table or touch night lamp with warm color temperatures, you will be more relaxed .

On the other hand, its competitor with cooler color temperatures contributes greatly to stimulating brain activity and increasing productivity. Find the right compromise based on your needs.

Designer Swan Neck Lamp

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