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Clip lamp: 4 places where you should always have one

Clip lamp: 4 places where you should always have one

Both practical and functional, a clip-on lamp is the ideal accessory for cluttered rooms. Modular in nature, this small object remains a good alternative to desk lamps or reading lights. In addition, it can be used in different areas of the house by easily attaching to all surfaces.

The clip lamp as a desk lamp

As its name suggests, this lamp is equipped with a small clamp that attaches to horizontal and vertical surfaces . Its articulating arm allows you to direct the lighting according to your needs. Indeed, this luminaire has many features for lighting adapted to your workplace. Thanks to its arm and its modular lampshade, you can choose the orientation of the light beam . So you can work in the best possible conditions.

It is the perfect solution for offices lacking space, as it allows you to optimize your workspace. You can opt for a clip-on lamp with integrated LED. Its LED lighting consumes less energy and provides a long lifespan for the bulb. At the same time, it diffuses very clear light. The brightness levels of an LED clip light allow you to adapt the type of light to your use.

A clip-on lamp for your reading corner

Do you have a small reading corner in your living room or bedroom? This part of the house must also be properly lit. It is often difficult to have to install a basic reading lamp or turn on the general light. Using a clip-on light is the perfect solution to solve this problem. It provides directional lighting near your reading area. You can attach it to a piece of furniture, a shelf or a bookcase to light up your reading corner.

Once you have found the right light intensity, it will be a pleasure to slip into your cozy corner to read a book. In addition, this type of lighting brings a decorative touch to your living room. You will find different models of clip lamp that will adapt to your interior decoration. If you read in bed, you can opt for the Glocusent bed clip lamp . The latter offers 360° tilt flexibility to illuminate the target area. USB rechargeable reading lamp, it is the ideal bed lamp for book lovers.

Light up your library with a clip-on lamp

Properly lighting your shelf offers a modern touch and brings elegance to your decoration. In addition, the comfort of using a library is essentially linked to the successful provision of light . Among the different options presented for lighting shelves, the most original are clip lamps. These adapt to all types of furniture configurations , because they play both a practical and functional role.

Economical and efficient for lighting modern libraries, clamp lamps can be oriented according to a particular diffusion angle. They create a pleasant light beam around its fixing point which wraps around a large width of furniture. Also, you have no need to worry about the preservation of your books. For good reason, the LED clamp lamp is a luminaire with low and moderate brightness levels. By opting for this type of lighting, you play on the lighting layout of your library by giving it a trendy side.

A clip-on lamp for your bedside

The clip lamp does not have a stand, but a clip allowing it to be hung to direct the light precisely. It is the perfect light for a bedside table . In fact, it allows you to save space on your nightstand. Therefore, you can place all the small essential objects there to keep nearby during the night, such as:

  • your phone,
  • your keys,
  • your wallet,
  • your jewelry, etc.

In addition, it is simple to use, because you just need to press on the ends of the pliers to unhook it. This lamp is also perfect at your children's bedside . In fact, the sudden movements of toddlers sometimes cause the table lamps to waltz. Securely fixed, it will not move despite your child's agitation .

Finally, opting for a clip-on bedside lamp means offering yourself perfect reading conditions in bed.

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