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Designer lighting ideas to illuminate your hallway

Designer lighting ideas to illuminate your hallway

Welcome to this new space dedicated to lighting your hallway! This often neglected place nevertheless has a key role in the harmony of your interior. But how do you go about lighting a hallway well without overdoing it? What are the trendy lighting fixtures to adopt to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere? So many questions that we will try to answer through this article.

You will discover the different types of lighting suitable for corridors, the importance of lighting in these often underestimated areas and the trends for the years 2023/2024. So, whether you are a lighting novice or an interior design expert, stay with us and let us guide you to illuminate your hallway with style and practicality!

Various Typologies of Lighting for Corridors

Whether making a welcoming impression on your guests or simply lighting your way at night, hallway lighting is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. There is a wide range of designer lighting to illuminate corridors. That said, let me guide you through the various types of lighting fixtures suitable for hallways.

Ceiling lights 🌟

Ceiling lights are one of the most commonly used lighting options for hallways. Their design allows for uniform light distribution, which is ideal for illuminating a long hallway. They're also unobtrusive and don't take up your hallway space, leaving plenty of room for moving around.

  • Flat design : This is a popular choice for hallways with low ceilings.
  • Embedded design : They can even be designed to fit into the ceiling, so they appear to be part of the ceiling itself.

Sconces 💡

Sconces are another fantastic option for hallway lighting. They add a touch of ambiance and are perfect for hallways with art or photos hanging on the wall. The directional light source of the wall lights is ideal for highlighting these details.

  • Outdoor design : They can have a sturdy metal frame and protective glass to withstand the elements, making them perfect for outdoor hallways.
  • Interior Design : For hallways inside the home, sconces with artistic designs and soft lighting create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Pendant lights 🌀

Pendant lights are ideal for hallways with high ceilings. Not only do they provide adequate lighting, but they also add a decorative element to the space. They come in a variety of styles, from modern to traditional.

  • Lantern style : These pendants have a metal cage that protects the bulb, giving them a rustic aesthetic.
  • Pendant style : These pendant lights are often made of glass or crystal and add a touch of elegance to your hallway.

If you are planning a large renovation project or simply a small update, these various types of luminaires to illuminate hallways can be purchased at affordable prices with free delivery from 100€ purchase. So, brighten up your hallway and impress your guests with these captivating and functional lighting options!

Importance of lighting in corridors

Corridor lighting is more than a practical matter. It truly transforms the atmosphere of a place, giving it a warm ambiance or a touch of sophistication. Well-designed lighting can take a hallway from an empty, underutilized space to one filled with charm and character.

The internalized function

Often the hallway can be overlooked, yet this space is usually the first part of your home that guests see upon entering. This fact highlights the importance of proper lighting in this area. Well-chosen lighting can really set the tone and personality of your home. It can create an immediate welcoming feeling, or present an artistic, edgy feel.

Architectural integration

Furthermore, hallway lighting is not only about light, it is also about combining architectural and design elements. Carefully chosen lighting fixtures can accentuate architectural details, artwork and features of spaces, bringing an elegant, contemporary style to the hallway.

The advantages of lighting in the hallway:

  • Creates ambiance : With the right lighting, you can create a calming or energetic ambiance in your hallway. Indirect or dim lighting can produce a relaxing atmosphere, while bright, direct light can give a feeling of vitality.
  • Accentuates Features : Light fixtures are also works of art in themselves. They can be used to highlight certain features in your hallway, such as a wall painting, wood flooring or architectural molding.
  • Improves safety : Dark hallways can be dangerous. Adequate lighting ensures that home residents and guests can move around safely, avoiding trips or falls.

“Lighting isn’t just for visibility, it’s a powerful design element that can enhance every corner of your home, including hallways”

Ultimately, well beyond their functional nature, hallway lights are inspiring decorative elements. They have the potential to bring a sleek, contemporary style to every hallway, highlighting the unique architecture, paint color, and even art arranged along the way. So the next time you're considering renovating your home, don't forget to pay attention to your hallway lighting!

Lighting trends for 2023/2024

If you're an interior design enthusiast, you know how the right light can transform a space. In 2023/2024, we can expect exciting lighting trends that combine aesthetics and functionality. These new features will enhance every space, whether it is your hallway, your living room or your kitchen.

Scandinavian or Industrial

Scandinavian and industrial styles remain a popular choice for hallway lighting in 2023. They are loved for their ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Scandinavian lighting, with its minimalist design and muted colors, and industrial lighting, with its metal frames and exposed bulbs, offer versatile options that suit different interiors.


Sustainable lighting is another major trend to expect in 2023/2024. More and more consumers are turning to eco-friendly options, whether by choosing lighting fixtures made from sustainable materials or opting for energy-efficient light bulbs. Lighting our homes in a more eco-friendly way is not only good for the environment, but also for our wallets in the long run.

Christmas colors 2023

For the 2023 Christmas holidays, we can expect some interesting color trends. Soft shades of gray and lavender are expected to be the dominant hues, bringing a touch of calm and serenity to our interiors during the festive period. Imagine strings of pearl gray lights or lavender candlesticks that bring a calming touch to the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Popular materials

Finally, the favorite materials for lighting in 2024 will be wood and marble. These natural materials create a warm and sophisticated ambiance, adding a touch of charm to any space. Wood is ideal for rustic and Scandinavian styles, while marble pairs perfectly with more modern and contemporary designs.

To summarize, lighting trends for 2023/2024 are moving towards attractive and durable designs. Whatever your interior style, there is certainly a lighting trend that will illuminate and enhance your space. 🌟

Suggested Light Fixtures to Use

Lighting up isn’t just functional; it is also a crucial element of interior decoration. The lighting fixtures you choose can define the character of a room while illuminating your home in a unique way. The following suggestions might light your way and help you choose the perfect fixture for your space.

Ball-shaped light pendants

These types of lighting fixtures have recently become very trendy. Having the shape of a sphere, they diffuse a soft and warm light in all directions, creating a cozy atmosphere. 💡

Air suspensions

For modern lighting, it is recommended to use overhead pendant lights. They are perfect for highlighting a dining room or kitchen and create a feeling of height and space. 🌟

Filament bulbs

Nothing says "warm and retro" like a filament bulb. These types of lights diffuse an enveloping and nostalgic atmosphere, perfect for living spaces or tea rooms. 🕯

Designer pendant lights

These lights are both modern and sophisticated. They can be used alone to create a focal point, or in groups for more diffused light. 🎇

Glass hanging chandeliers

Add a touch of elegance with glass chandeliers. These fixtures reflect light in all directions, creating a shimmering effect. They are particularly effective in entry halls or above dining tables. ✨

LED lamps

For modern, energy-efficient lighting, look no further than LED lamps. These fixtures are incredibly efficient and can be used in almost any room in the house. 🔌🔦

Natural fiber lighting

For a touch of nature inside your home, consider adding natural fiber lighting fixtures. Emitting a soft, warm light, they provide a calm and tranquil ambiance. 🌾

Choosing the right light fixture can transform a room from monotonous to beautiful, while creating the ambiance you desire. Explore these lighting suggestions to light your home in a way that suits you.

Ultimately, choosing lighting for your hallway is not a task to be taken lightly. Each of the suggested lighting fixtures has its unique characteristics, which can highlight your hallway while reflecting your personal style. Keeping in mind these trends for 2023-2024 and tips on the importance of good hallway lighting will help you transform this often overlooked area of ​​your home into a welcoming, well-lit space.

Delisse, a specialist in Scandinavian lighting and lighting made in France, remains at your disposal to assist you in your quest for the ideal lighting fixture. With its rich and varied selection, ranging from designer pendant lights to natural fiber lighting, you will certainly find the perfect lamp for your hallway at Delisse. Do not hesitate to explore our collection of lighting fixtures on our website and contact us for any advice you need.

Whatever your choice, remember that the important thing is to create a space that reflects your personality and in which you feel good. So, don't wait any longer, light up your hallway and give your home the lighting it deserves! 🌟

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