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Discover our professional tips for choosing the best lighting fixtures for your home

Discover our professional tips for choosing the best lighting fixtures for your home

Our interior reflects not only our own identity, but also that of our home. Bringing it to life is a real pleasure for those who have good ideas.

But beware ! Interior design is not just about choosing furniture and arranging it in the right places. In reality, the most important part is something that we don't think about in the first place, namely: lighting, the choice of each light fixture.

It is he who makes the final difference.

Lighting not only increases the overall appeal of a room but also serves to create a distinctive mood and atmosphere.

For example, diffused lighting can create a relaxing and gentle ambiance, while bright light can make a room feel vibrant and lively.

The importance of choosing the right lighting to beautify each room

Choosing the right lighting is a crucial element in highlighting your interior. In fact, it is he who contributes the most to creating the atmosphere in your home.

It allows you to fully appreciate the furniture and general layout of each room. Perfect lighting is essential to highlight your design choices, while ensuring the right light level for each of your daily activities, whether:

  • to put on makeup in your bathroom
  • to receive guests in your dining room
  • to prepare a delicious meal on your kitchen worktop.

choose your lighting carefully

How to choose the perfect lighting fixtures for each room in your home?

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing lighting fixtures for your apartment? Don't worry. We are here to provide you with the ultimate guide to choosing the lighting fixtures that will be perfect for each room (pendant lights, wall lights, ceiling lights, spotlights, etc.).

Choosing your lighting: set a budget

It's impossible to start choosing the perfect lighting for your living space without first analyzing how much you are willing to spend on it.

Remember that light, although of immense importance, is only one aspect of interior design. It is therefore not wise to put all your money into it.

If you believe that better lighting is the final touch that is missing to bring your rooms to life, you can invest a significant amount. Typically, furniture and flooring take up a large portion of the budget, which can leave little room for the lighting aspect.

You have a wide choice with several lighting options, depending on the amount you want to invest in it. These options vary from traditional to contemporary style. Materials can range from metals and bamboo, to crystals and glass.

I'm sure you are already wondering what size chandelier for a living room? But let’s not skip ahead!

rule choose lighting range

How to choose your lighting? Understand the purpose of lighting

Once you have set your budget, you now need to determine your lighting usage.

  • Would you like to install it to illuminate your room or target a specific area?
  • Do you want lighting that reflects sophistication?

Understanding this allows you to make a smart purchasing decision.

No one wants to have too many lights in one room. On the contrary, people want to have a minimum number of fixtures that have the greatest possible effect.

It is because of these desires that LED technology is replacing traditional lighting fixtures. These lights allow you to enjoy different atmospheres and tones depending on your mood.

With LED lamps, you benefit from greater flexibility with devices that now allow you to change the color temperature and brightness.

how to choose your lighting

Adapt the choice of lighting according to the decoration and the room

You need to understand that your entire home cannot have the same style of lighting. According to the best interior designers, each light must find its place according to the space that corresponds to it.

Here is our guide and all our advice. The objective of choosing the right lighting for each room:

light parts

What type of lighting should you choose for an entrance?

The first impression is essential to set the tone. When a guest enters your home, it is important that they feel welcomed. That’s why it’s important to make sure your entry says “welcome”!

Floor lamps are a great way to add an extra touch of class to an entryway, while chandeliers will add elegance and prestige. Don't forget modern or vintage style pendant lights to assert your style.

If your space is small, a single lamp will be enough. However, if you have a large entryway, you may want to add more than just a pendant light to liven up the room.

If you have paintings or framed photographs hanging on the wall, it is always nice to place a lamp on a console or spotlights above or below to highlight them.

entrance light fixture

The living room: lighting playground

The living room is a multifunctional space. Depending on your lifestyle, you can use it for parties or as a place to relax. It is important to choose lighting that adapts to all situations.

Make sure that the desired lighting harmonizes with the style of the furniture and the rest of the interior decoration. Not all lamps and fixtures are suitable for all types of furniture.

Chandeliers are a “must-have” – they make any large room look grand. They are the center of attention and give your room beauty. They light up the entire room, making everything more welcoming.

Not a fan of chandeliers? Try beautiful glass pendant lights with different shapes.

Many living rooms are home to beautiful works of art, and it would be a shame if such pieces didn't receive the attention they deserve. Wall or table lamps help you do this.

Additionally, it is always a good idea to add spotlights to provide additional mood lighting, to be used when the need arises.

Overall, the lighting you choose for your living room should be flexible enough to adapt to changing ambient needs at any time of the day.

living room lighting

Focus on the central lighting for the dining room

The dining room is considered one of the easiest rooms to equip. This is because, unlike the other rooms, it only has one main focal point, which is the dining table. The lighting you choose should highlight it.

So choose a rise-and-fall suspension or a designer ceiling light.

  • For a glass dining table, a crystal chandelier will be an ideal choice.
  • For an oak table, a low pendant made of wood or metal will look magnificent.

If you want to highlight other decorative elements or the furniture in your living room, you can add table lamps for targeted lighting.

Be careful not to clutter the room with too many lighting fixtures, as the dining room should have a serene atmosphere.

dining room lighting

The centerpiece: what light in the kitchen?

Unlike a dining room, a kitchen does not benefit from a single central point on which you can install your lighting. Instead, each area requires special attention and lighting.

Lighting to help you accomplish each of your tasks impeccably, that is:

  • use the work plan,
  • cook on the induction hob,
  • washing dishes, etc.

You therefore need suitable lighting that provides you with the light necessary to accomplish all these tasks.

Under shelf lighting is one of the biggest trends of recent years. You can use LED strips or LED bulbs to achieve an aesthetic look.

In the kitchen, you need to install various pendant lights above different parts of the kitchen. You can have a ceiling chandelier, but they are becoming less popular for kitchens. And if you already have one in your living room and entryway, we advise you not to opt for this decision.

Ceiling spotlights (recessed or track mounted) can be a good alternative to chandeliers and can also allow you to vary the lighting according to needs and the time of day.

suspension clarity

Choosing your lighting for a bedroom

A bedroom is a place where you rest and relax. It therefore goes without saying that the rooms must exude an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. You should feel that the events of your tiring day fade away as soon as you enter the room.

Lamps are considered an essential element of the bedroom. However, if you want your bedroom to stand out while still being a peaceful place, you can opt for pendant lights instead of simple bedside lamps.

You can also install sconces on either side of the bed. Such an addition allows you to create a peaceful ambiance. Using focused lights to highlight your vanity or photos can also make the room feel personal and comfortable.

Be sure to install a dimmer switch in your bedroom. It will allow you to change the brightness setting from dimmer to create a relaxing or brighter atmosphere. You will be able to liven up the room according to your needs.

bedroom lighting rules


Bathroom facilities should be designed to ensure adequate lighting to perform various tasks. Therefore, lighting on mirrors is essential.

Make sure these items come with a dimmer switch so you can adjust the lights. Indeed, when you wake up in the morning, your lighting may seem too bright and harsh. A dimmer switch allows you to avoid feeling uncomfortable since you can reduce the brightness.

Also make sure that the lamps are placed at face height so that they can be of maximum help to you.

Pendant lights attached to the ceiling are also a good way to evenly illuminate the entire room.

lighting advantages

Mistakes to avoid when choosing the right lighting

Now that we have discussed how to choose appropriate lighting for your home, it is also important to know the main pitfalls so that you can successfully avoid them.

Here are our tips:

First of all, people tend to forget where shadows might fall when setting up a light in a given location. Shadows, when formed in the wrong place, can neutralize the expected effects of a luminaire. For example, if you install a lamp in the wrong place in a kitchen, a shadow may be cast on your work surface, making it difficult for you to see what you are doing.

Also, people make the mistake of using the wrong size fixture. The size of your lamps and chandeliers should beautify your interior decoration. If you have a large table in your living room, but the chandelier you install above it is too small, it won't elicit the same reaction and atmosphere as a chandelier of ideal proportions.

Finally, choose your lighting fixture based on the color of your walls. To bring in brightness, be sure to leave the walls that reflect the most natural light white. Adapt the choice of your lighting to the atmosphere of each room. But also try to create overall coherence between all the rooms in your home.

suspension suspensions

Choose your light carefully to illuminate your world!

Overall, choosing the perfect lighting for your home is not an easy task. This requires a thorough understanding of your goals, while having all of your needs in mind.

However, once you manage to make the right decision, your home will be a place where you will enjoy spending time. It will have its own personality and its own atmosphere. You will be able to impress your guests by welcoming them to a unique place.

Give your home its own soul and help it stand out. Give it your touch of personality and a good dose of comfort.

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