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Discover the trendy lighting fixtures of 2021 to give personality to your interior

Discover the trendy lighting fixtures of 2021 to give personality to your interior

Trendy lighting fixtures 2021: discover the magnificent models that will illuminate our homes next year

Clusters of bare bulbs in dynamic arrangements, sleek sculptural shapes and styles, or brightly colored lampshades, these are just some of the lighting trends that design experts say will set showrooms ablaze in 2021.

Lighting is an essential part of a successful landscaping project, but it is even more important in winter, when the days are shorter and we spend much more time indoors.

Since the pandemic, our attention has focused on our homes and interiors. We are well aware of the importance of comfort and beauty of the place where we live.

And lighting is precisely an element that allows us to beautify our spaces.

1. Choose a trendy lighting fixture that catches the eye

In 2021, ceiling lights will no longer just be functional, but will become the focal point of rooms. We are seeing elegant and extravagant lighting fixtures for all styles, from contemporary, rustic to vintage.

Judiciously placed, carefully designed and crafted ceiling lights will transform your rooms.

Lighting will become a starting point for design rather than being thought of last.

Don't be afraid to be bold with your ceiling lights. Large spaces can accommodate more original pieces.

Don't be afraid of unconventional lighting fixtures in small spaces, especially if you prioritize simplicity over other design elements.

2. For sculptural lamps and floor lamps

Table lamps with sculptural shapes and trendy designs turn your light points into true works of art, generating interest even when the lamp is turned off.

Use pairs of lamps to accent a beautiful sideboard or console table, or to frame a larger piece of furniture, like a sofa or bed.

Floor lamps are stylish and can be placed next to an armchair or sofa to create a comfortable reading nook.

You can also light up a dark and forgotten corner of your hallway with a lamp with an original design, to breathe new life into your home.

3. Opt for artistic ceiling lights

We don't light for the light, we light for the shadows.

When the days get shorter, we all look for new ways to light up the corners of our homes that have become accustomed to the lingering sunlight of the summer months.

Artistic ceiling lights and thoughtfully placed lamps can transform a room into a cozy sanctuary in which to hibernate during the long winter months.

Ceiling lights create a focal point in a space, while their metal details reflect and bounce light around the room giving it even more strength.

4. Prioritize originality

Choose statement designs with artistic shapes, interesting texture, or colored glass to make a statement, even when the lights are off.

Think of your lamp as a work of art or sculpture, adding a touch of expression and personality to your space.

A lamp is a good way to create surprise in a room, to merge modern and traditional. Consider combining a modern designer table with a beautiful classic light fixture, both will enhance each other.

Placing an industrial-style lamp or one with a clean, mid-century graphic shape in a traditional setting adds a sense of surprise to your space, just like an Art Deco chandelier in a stark, modern room.

Dare to be different, be bold and don't hesitate to combine different styles and eras.

5. Dare to use color and patterns

Color and patterns are essential elements in decorating our homes. They can speak to us on aesthetic and emotional levels, bringing a touch of whimsy into our spaces, seeping into walls, into furniture and, of course, into accessories like lampshades.

When it comes to lighting your home, he says, choosing lamps should be like choosing accessories to complete an outfit.

The ambiance depends entirely on the lighting you choose.

Forget using a main lighting source and opt for lighting a few lamps around the room to achieve a more interesting and often more flattering lighting scheme!


The advantage of having several light sources allows you to play with them, throughout the day, depending on the time, brightness and season.

For example, a reading nook would benefit from an elegant gooseneck wall light, while a piece of art would look spectacular on the wall between two table lamps on a credenza or sideboard.


The trends emerging today that will be all the rage in 2021 will encompass the eclecticism of lamp styles.

Fun, playful, design-driven hues and bases are already appearing in the world's most beautiful interiors.


Particularly now that we're all spending more time at home, people want to inject color and vitality into their spaces, while keeping classic silhouettes and timelessness in mind, to ensure that their purchases last over time and as their interiors change.

6. Focus on beautiful lighting fixtures in the bedroom

With the trend of creating spaces for relaxation and relaxation becoming increasingly important in interiors, post-pandemic, ambiance is key and lighting plays a crucial role in helping to create a serene ambience with a space where l We enjoy relaxing and spending time.

To this end, bedroom lighting plays a more important role, with central pendant lights providing a point of interest in themselves, even when unlit.

We also favor bedside lamps with harmonious shapes which create a perfect atmosphere for reading a book or preparing for sleep.

And you ? What trends have you spotted for 2021?

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