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Interior decoration: the top 5 lighting trends for 2021!

Interior decoration: the top 5 lighting trends for 2021!

Lighting trends for your interior: the best ideas for 2021!

Do you want to redecorate your home ? This is an excellent idea! Special furniture, unique accessories, pretty coverings, sober or vibrant colors... You have so many choices to revamp your home . But have you thought about lighting? In a world where lighting trends for interior decoration are constantly evolving, you have to keep yourself up to date.

And in 2021, your lights should no longer only serve as lighting, but also as a decorative element!

Never again decor without adequate fixtures and lighting!

Many people don't know that it's the lighting that gives shine to a decoration . It brightens the decor and beautifies your personal space. Whether for your living room, bedrooms, kitchen or even the bathroom, lighting adds value to your interior.

It is lighting that sets its tone and ambiance in a room. You will have already noticed it yourself. There is a big difference between a room with general lighting and a dimmed room. The atmosphere changes completely!

This is why the choice of lighting should not be neglected! Your lamps, bulbs, lighting fixtures and even suspensions must be chosen with the greatest care. All it takes is for the lighting to be well arranged for your decor to make all the difference.

With all this, I feel that you are dying to get some lighting fixtures to bring more pep to your interior. But wait a bit. I have a few nuggets for you. In this article, you will discover the 10 most beautiful lighting and interior lighting trends for 2021 .

Are you looking forward to getting to know them? So stay until the end! Whether for a modern, vintage style, or any other style of decoration , you will be served!

The environmental trend: lamps made from organic materials

They hit the mark in 2020 and it is no surprise that we find them in the most trendy lighting fixtures for the year 2021. For several years, all industries, whether transport, agri-food or even fashion, try to reduce their ecological footprint. And in the decoration sector, we are not left out!

The environmental trend tends to give great importance to organic materials in the manufacturing of lighting fixtures. Glass, wood, bamboo and even imitation paper are in the spotlight.

This is how you will find glass wall lighting with multifaceted designs, or chandeliers taking the shape of any element representing the environment: leaves, branches, etc.

This type of lighting goes perfectly with decors going in the same direction: natural and organic. You can very well take inspiration from it to create a wild or calm, but completely harmonious atmosphere.

trendy wood lighting 2021 delisse blog

Rattan lighting fits perfectly with Scandinavian decor

Rattan lighting is the direct heir of the environmental trend and it has been very trendy for several years! 2021 is no exception. So, what is rattan? It is a light and natural material. She is described as noble. Its little natural side gives it something unique.

A bit like bamboo, rattan adapts to all colors and dyes. Whether for a neutral style or a vintage design, the rattan lighting will find a place in your interior. But with Scandinavian decor, it’s just perfect!

And you know why this type of lighting is so talked about? Because it goes well with the decor of an old house as well as a modern home. Whatever the environment, the rattan lighting will enhance your interior and bring authenticity and depth.

You can find them in different shapes: round, angular or braided lighting. This last model is also very fashionable! Don’t hesitate to embellish yourScandinavian lighting with exotic patterns or vibrant colors!

rattan lighting trend 2021 delisse blog

LED pendant lights for your modern and contemporary designs

The LED ceiling light is extremely attractive as lighting. Just try it once and you won't want to do without it. It is therefore natural that it finds its place among the best lighting ideas for 2021.

If you like luxury and refinement, this modern lighting fixture should be one of your first choices. Its particularity is that it provides balanced lighting to a room. The light is neither too strong nor too weak. Everything you need to bring harmony to your interior.

And from an aesthetic point of view, it's definitely one of the best. It fits every room in a house, even the hallways and the bathroom. But do you know the best? Unlike other pendant lights, the LED ceiling light does not take up much space.

Whatever its shape, round, square or rectangle, it fits into the little space you have to offer it and leaves the opportunity for other decorative elements to reveal themselves. To beautify your ceiling, this is what you need. This is one of the best ways to combine aesthetics and practicality. In addition, you will obtain the softest and warmest lighting.

Geometrically shaped lighting systems to dare the bohemian style

Geometric shaped lighting fixtures have been used for a while, but that doesn't mean they aren't still trendy in 2021. Quite the contrary! The angular, square or rectangle shapes bring an air of elegance to your lighting. They make your interior decoration sophisticated.

And above all, this type of lighting gives the impression that the interior is organized and orderly. Add a few to your home and you will see all the difference!

These types of lighting are also suitable for the bohemian style which sometimes surprises, and represent a mix of chic and casual. A highly sought-after style!

Spherical or circular lamps

If you are one of those who find angular, square and rectangular shapes too austere, well, I advise you to look at lighting fixtures in a spherical or circular shape. As they say, roundness and softness go hand in hand!

It may seem very simple to you, but circular shaped lighting fixtures remain unique and exclusive. Especially if they are made of special materials.

This is the kind of lamp that you can use as chandeliers with cascading lighting or just as an even light.

Try the ball-shaped pendant lights on the ceilings and you'll tell me what you're up to. And you know what would be even more interesting? Round or spherical wall lights arranged in an exceptional design.

Whatever idea appeals to you the most, choose unique materials like shiny glass or any type of material with an interesting texture to give more originality to your decor.

rounded lighting trend 2021 blog delisse

The neon lamp

We always found them outside, in front of bars, cafes, restaurants, pubs, and guess what? Neon lights will infiltrate your homes in 2021! This is the opportunity to decorate your walls in a new way. It's unique, original and it has an effect!

You will find these lamps in different shapes and several shades. It’s up to you to make your choice according to your needs and desires!

Which light fixture for an industrial style in 2021?

Are you a fan of industrial decor? Well, good news for you. Industrial style lighting is all the rage in 2021! You will be able to very easily adopt lighting that suits you.

Different shapes of lighting fixtures will be perfect for your style. Geometric shapes, daring lines, and as far as materials are concerned, a mixture of natural and metal is ideal for giving elegance to your interior. A brass wall light, for example, will be very suitable for the industrial style.

What lighting for a minimalist design?

Do you like everything that is sober and not too flashy? So, you will find lighting with minimalist designs that will make you happy. There is no need for a lot of decorative elements here. We advocate rational use of space.

A simple or uniform lighting model will be sufficient to enhance your simple decor. For example, you can put the lampshade back and focus everything on the bulb.

The pendant lights will be discreet in order to leave all the spotlight to the bulb. We find ourselves in a minimalist atmosphere where only the bulb triumphs in a procession of other small lights.

The other lighting idea in a minimalism design is to opt for the unique white color. Does this surprise you? This is one of the hottest 2021 lighting trends. No matter the shape of the light or the material it is made from, it is all white.

The advantage is that it harmonizes with any type of decoration. So, if you see everything as bling-bling, try lighting fixtures with a minimalist white design. It's simple, refined, but classy!

minimalist lighting trend 2021 delisse blog

Tinted glass pendant lights for vintage style!

My fellow vintage enthusiasts, I have something special for you. Glass pendant lights with very original shapes, and remember, they are tinted!

Just imagine. Lampshades that are embedded in unique materials, subdued light that is reflected in the glass and a color tint to evoke an atmosphere according to your tastes! Blue or green, yellow or orange… a representation of a warm or cold atmosphere depending on your preferences. It ruins vintage lighting !

Unique table lamps

Come on ! Enough about the suspensions. It's not just up high that we find light. Good lighting can trickle down to your bedside table, living room table or even your desk. Here, it is the materials that will make all the difference. But your choice will mainly be based on your decorating style!

If you prefer the industrial style, I recommend a lamp with geometric shapes. It is structured and well ordered. If, on the other hand, you are more into the classic genre, why not be a little more daring? Try materials and colors that inspire chic.

A gold or gold colored lamp base is for me an excellent way to contrast with your decoration. In any case, you can find table lamps in several shapes and in different materials: wood, white porcelain, plastic, on a stand or in a ball.

trendy table lighting 2021 delisse blog

So, has your lighting been chosen?

Which of these ideas appeals to you the most? Obviously, everything will depend on your tastes and preferences!

Whether you already have a clear idea of ​​what lighting you would like or are having trouble making your choice, you will find these trendy 2021 lighting fixtures on this site. And there is something for all styles. All you have to do is treat yourself!

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