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How to use light to improve your health and productivity?

How to use light to improve your health and productivity?

The post below was originally published on the Lighting Science Group's "Lab Blog" on October 31, 2016, by guest author Brandon Zaharof, a private equity investor focused on sustainability and health and good -be. Some very interesting ideas come out of this, let’s look at some of them together.

You look at your to-do list for the evening, then turn back to the computer screen. Your Excel model is still being reviewed and it's already 1:30 a.m. You yawn and grab another coffee. The next morning, you have trouble getting out of bed. Although you slept 30 minutes more, you are still tired and spend the day in a fog. You're not as productive as the day before, so you have to stay late and the cycle repeats itself. Does this mean anything to you?

1. Optimize your health and your routine in terms of productivity

“The key to being productive day after day is finding the right routine”

Whether you're a student or a financial professional, the key to being productive day after day is finding the right daily "routine." Believe it or not, optimizing the timing of a few key elements, like how long you take to drink your coffee and whether you expose yourself to the right light spectrum, can make a big difference between feeling "in sync" or experiencing a life of perpetual lethargy.

Because optimization needs to be updated dynamically based on changing work requirements, I created a simple mechanism for tracking my productivity improvement. I open an Excel, enter the date and, before going home, evaluate the day's productivity against the average productivity levels of the previous month (5=average, 10=best, 0=worst ). This allows me to subjectively quantify my productivity and (hopefully) track continued improvement in it.

For more scientific results, this method can easily be combined with a device like the SleepScore Max from SleepScore Labs, which tracks sleep length and quality, or one of the many wearable devices that track sleep. physical activity, bracelet/connected watch type which abound on the market.

2. Reduce the coffee quantity

In fact, having a quantitative understanding of my productivity and health helped me kick my coffee addiction

Coffee and energy drinks take around 30 minutes to work on the system, with stimulating effects lasting around 3 hours. But it usually takes another 3 to 5 hours for the caffeine to escape the body. Therefore, it is difficult to fall asleep for 6-8 hours after drinking a cup of coffee. This is great if you enjoy a cup of espresso first thing in the morning. But caffeine can cause you real problems if you need an evening boost — and still need a good night's sleep.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Light – especially the blue light spectrum – can be as energizing as coffee, without the long-term stimulating effects.

3. Blue Light Spectrum: The Fastest Top Selector

As our bodies evolved, human beings were regularly exposed to 24-hour cycles of light and darkness. As a result, light – and the lack of it – serves as an important bio-key for our body, controlling the release of at least ten different hormones.

Exposure to the blue light spectrum, for example, mimics sunlight and stimulates the release of serotonin, boosting cognitive abilities, focus and energy. These alertness-boosting effects take effect almost immediately and last for approximately 30 minutes after exposure, with an additional half-life of two hours.

But what about in the evening, when you need to relax at home? The answer is: it all comes down to proper lighting .

4. An optimized day

As the sun is about to set, it is important to reduce or even eliminate the blue light you are exposed to. This helps your body naturally relax, so that when bedtime rolls around, you're asleep and ready to rest, instead of lying awake staring at the ceiling with too much alertness.

For my part, I switch to a light in which most of the blue light spectrum is filtered. This type of lighting provides me with more than enough light so I can finish what I'm working on, while supporting my body's production of melatonin and ensuring a good night's sleep. Once exposed to this type of lighting, your eyes and body will naturally rest and prepare for a long night's sleep, ensuring you wake up ready to face the next day.

This product features a personalized light spectrum that promotes deep, restful, natural sleep. It minimizes the types of light energy known to disrupt sleep, while providing a high-quality lighting option for true waking comfort.

In summary

Tracking and optimizing your own schedules will help you prevent burnout, improve productivity, and stay healthy.

If you feel tired or it's getting late, simply change the light spectrum and give your body what it needs. By combining lighting (especially biologically optimized lighting) and caffeine, you can achieve and maintain a modicum of productivity, while keeping your circadian (biological) rhythms in sync and ensuring that your body and mind stay in sync. good shape.

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