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How to use LED track spotlights to light a store?

How to use LED track spotlights to light a store?

Lighting remains an essential point in a store that deserves careful consideration. Indeed, well-lit stores attract more customers. LED track spotlights are the perfect solution for this type of premises. They allow you to highlight items for sale. You still need to know how to use LED track spots to light a store.

Use a spot on a single-phase or three-phase track

A track light is a very simple and flexible system for lighting a store. It allows you to add an unlimited number of lights and has the advantage of being adjustable. You have the choice between a single-phase track spot and a three-phase track spot. For the single phase track spot, all track spots operate on a single circuit . In other words, the number of track spots you can illuminate via a single switch. As for the three-phase rail, it offers you the possibility of operating 3 circuits separately .

A single-phase rail system is simpler to connect and lower than a three-phase rail. You must start by attaching the rail for the spotlight to the ceiling in the desired location. In either case, make sure the end of the rail is exactly where the incoming current wires exit . Thanks to the accessories associated with the track, you can bring out the lighting wherever you want. For commercial use, the three-phase track spotlight is recommended.

Choose the type of table lamps

It is increasingly common to find lamps with LED light sources . Depending on your tastes, the lighting is more or less powerful and provides a more or less warm light. Cold light tends towards white. Additionally, LED bulbs consume less current. If you cannot find lamps compatible with your track, you can connect any model via an adapter. The choice is wide and there are all sizes, shapes and colors.

Indeed, the range is wide between fixed or adjustable spotlights , including suspensions. From a technical point of view, all lamps work the same way. A base serves as a support and a connection box clips onto the rail establishing the electrical connection. The best of the moment in terms of store lighting is the LED track spotlight from the Philips brand .

Installation of LED track spots

Installing an LED track spotlight is relatively simple. You can even do it without requesting service from an electrician. You need to start by determining the size of the store and purchasing the appropriate spotlights . Like any electrical installation, you must carry it out according to the rules of the art. In this case, you need to follow some important steps, namely:

  • Turn off the power and remove the fuse if necessary.
  • Place the rails for the light fixture on the floor in the same way you will mount them on the ceiling later.
  • Connect the corner connectors to the power rails and pull the lamp cable through the corner connector insert.
  • Mount the end elements on the rails.
  • Mark out and drill the drill holes in the ceiling.
  • Attach the rails to the ceiling and connect the wires.
  • Repeat the process if necessary depending on the length of your LED track spotlight.

Unlike recessed spotlights, the installation of this type of lighting does not require the installation of false ceilings.

Location of the spot on LED rail

An LED track spotlight is particularly suitable for interior lighting for stores. The lighting track allows changes in lighting ambiance to help your business evolve . This type of luminaire allows you to obtain personalized lighting. Indeed, this system equipped with various connection accessories offers great installation modularity. As a result, you can cover a large surface area of ​​rail with a single electrical inlet on the ceiling .

Using track spots also offers great flexibility. The spot rail can be suspended from the ceiling or fixed to a wall. Compatible LED spots and pendants can be freely moved or added using a simple clip connector. Furthermore, the most common locations for commercial track spots are museums, retail stores, offices and others. Furthermore, the LED track spotlight is also suitable for a wide range of residential applications.

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