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How to get the most out of LED lighting for your conservatory?

How to get the most out of LED lighting for your conservatory?

Having a veranda is a fairly widespread practice today. For you to benefit from it day and night, you will need good lighting . LED bulbs will be perfect for this mission. They have a number of advantages and are more suitable for certain types of conservatories than traditional bulbs. Certain rules must still be respected in order to provide optimal lighting .

The type of veranda and LED lighting

LED type bulbs are just as suitable for your interior as for your exterior. The verandas are halfway between the two. Considered an extension of the interior, decorations and sofas can be placed there, but they have characteristics that are somewhat different from the interior. The walls of your veranda (or pergola) do not reflect the light like that of your house. LED bulbs should be chosen a little more powerful for conservatories.

LED is particularly recommended for verandas which are made of aluminum or any other steel. Conventional halogen lamps need more power than LEDs, but with the conductance capacities of the material, this risks being dangerous. To make the most of your LEDs , lamps embedded in the walls are preferable. You will not have any problem with the wiring which could constitute a possible risk.

led veranda lighting

Choosing the right power for your conservatory

The intensity of the lighting plays a crucial role in the ambiance offered by your veranda. To ensure that your veranda meets your intended use, you need to choose the right light intensity . Generally, you have three types of lighting for conservatories:

  • General lighting,
  • Accent lighting,
  • Ambient lighting.

General lighting is what serves as a reference. With this category you can read books, eat and chat with your guests. To do this, you must count on around 1500 lumens per m².

As you will have understood, the larger your veranda, the more essential the light intensity will be. However, it is advisable not to make the look too dazzling. A little too bright, the light risks bothering you, just as it will with your neighbors and nocturnal animals.


led veranda light lighting

LED strips: an ideal option for your veranda

LED strips are a very interesting alternative when it comes to lighting your veranda. They will allow you to enjoy different atmospheres thanks to their flexibility in terms of adjustment . The RGB models can in fact be adjusted to offer different colors. You will have the choice between all possible combinations between red, green and blue.

If you want a more neutral color , RGB strips can give you white. To do this, nothing could be simpler, you just have to superimpose the three colors. The light spectrum that will emerge will be transparent, and so to speak white. If you want other shades, you can adjust it as you like. You will have at your disposal an infrared controller which will serve as a control panel.

veranda led strip

Fixing your LEDs

To get optimal results from your veranda lighting, you must make the right choices regarding their installation. Recessed LED spotlights are very interesting. They can be installed directly in the beams, ceiling or wall of your house (the one to which your veranda is attached). This type of fixing has the advantage of being aesthetic and less bulky . You will not have the common threads in front of you.

If you opt for LED strips, installation will be simple. They can be fixed using glue or any other element that can hold them against the walls of your veranda. Some models stick automatically, you will not need any other equipment for their attachment.

Wireless LED bulbs are also a good alternative. They are very mobile and can be placed wherever you want. For example, you can pair them with ambient lighting to give a more intimate result. Placed on the table, it will play a dual role of decoration and lighting. Certain solar models can also be useful to you, especially considering their practical and economical sides.

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