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How to integrate an Art Deco glass wall light into your interior decor?

How to integrate an Art Deco glass wall light into your interior decor?

The lighting in your home plays an important role in your interior design. It is necessary that you install beautiful light sources, and what could be better than an art deco glass wall light to add a touch of originality? It will indeed be the Art Deco element of the different rooms in your home. Nothing like it to both adorn and illuminate your interiors.

Take into account the volume of the room

To integrate an Art Deco glass wall light into your interior decor , it is recommended to take into account the volume of the room to be lit. The dimensions of the room constitute an important selection criterion for a wall light . Also, the number of light sources to install on the wall in your living room cannot be the same as in your bedroom.

In addition to the number of wall lights, you will need to consider the characteristics of this lighting depending on the size of your room. If you have space, you should opt for larger glass wall lights. On the other hand, if you need a slightly subdued atmosphere, you can combine them with other types of lighting. 

Choosing the right type of glass wall light

As a reminder, wall lights are classified into several categories. They vary depending on their aspects, but also their functioning. Your choice of glass wall light must therefore be based on the location where you plan to install the device. The classic wall light, for example, can be used in any interior room.

The most famous models have a lampshade. Their function is to reflect light . You can also adopt wall lights with articulated arms which will allow you to orient it as you wish. In art deco, they never stop being talked about. They are indeed very popular for their elegant side, ideal for imposing a vintage and retro style .

Contemporary decoration for its art deco glass wall light

The glass wall light often finds its place in the living room and the dining room. As a designer light , this type of lighting blends easily into contemporary decoration. It is most often characterized by a white brass or metal switch. Some models may be suitable for bathrooms.

Glass wall lights are particularly decorative in addition to their functional aspect . Some are equipped with a slightly transparent lampshade , which will only enhance the light. They can diffuse great softness and provide excellent homogeneity.

One of the particularities of art deco glass sconces is that it lends itself easily to a mix of materials. This is why they are preferred for modern decoration . They can be deployed as main luminaires if you have very little space. In large rooms, it is possible to combine them with pendant lights.

A glass wall light with a brass support

It is not uncommon to find glass wall lights with a brass support . No matter the room chosen, these lightings impose a retro side. This vintage touch brings a refined design to a contemporary style. Chic and elegant, it is suitable for the living room as well as a bedroom, without forgetting the dining room.

For a fairly dark wall that lacks cheerfulness, it is preferable to opt for a gold wall light with a beautiful matte opaline lampshade . In the case of your dining room, all you need to do is place a large brass pendant light , just above your table. It brings an Art Deco touch and will give a warmer side to your meals.

Enhance the bathroom with an art deco glass wall light

In your bathroom, know that it will be easy to integrate a glass wall light with a brass support . You can place it:

  • Near a mirror,
  • Above a bathroom cabinet,
  • In “volume 1” if you have a wall light with IPX5 protection,
  • In “volume 2” areas with IPX5 protection, etc.

If your bathroom is rather large, there is nothing more decorative than glass sconces. These wall lights are distinguished by their magnificent crystalline lampshade. The lighting provided by the glass wall light is effective without dazzling you for a subdued atmosphere so you can better enjoy your bath.

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