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How to integrate a designer ball floor lamp into your interior?

How to integrate a designer ball floor lamp into your interior?

Choosing your lighting fixture is not easy when it comes to integrating it into your interior decoration. A model, however, allows simpler and easier insertion. The ball lamp is versatile . It can be integrated into all styles of decoration. Its shape and the numerous design variations undoubtedly have something to do with it.

Place a ball floor lamp as main lighting

Ball lamps can be incorporated into your interior as main lighting . In this case, you can place it in your living room or in your kitchen . The number of models on the market in France is large enough to allow you to find the model that perfectly suits your needs. The most important thing is to avoid models on foot and prefer hanging ball lamps .

So that it can provide the desired lighting, it is recommended that you choose glass models that are transparent . They allow better diffusion of light. As far as design is concerned, it is up to your taste as long as the optimal suspension height is respected . A ball floor lamp with a metal suspension would be perfect for decoration in the industrial or minimalist cocooning style . This same type of lamp can also fit into a vintage look .

Use a ball floor lamp for additional lighting

The versatility of the ball lamp means that it can be used as main lighting as well as additional lighting. Here you will have more choice in terms of model. In practice, you can use them to light your desk, your bedside, or even one of the chairs in your living room to improve the quality of your reading.

Here are the models to favor:

  • Ball lamps with base ,
  • Ball lamps on foot ,
  • Table ball lamps ,
  • Wall-mounted ball lamps .

For your bedroom, ball wall lamps will be perfect. They can also be set up in your office. The one that is placed fits perfectly on a table. In your kitchen or in your living room, they will add a touch that is both warm and original. Note that here, they will not be used as main lighting. Floor lamps, for their part, can be placed in any room of your choice.

The choice of bulb to properly integrate the ball lamp into its interior

The choice of a floor lamp is not limited only to the aesthetic aspect. The type of bulb is also something to consider. You have to choose the latter carefully in order to have the right light. If the ball lamp is intended to be main lighting, in your living room or in the kitchen, it would need a fairly powerful bulb. The compact fluorescent bulb will be ideal in this role. Be careful, used as additional lighting, this type of lamp can, in the long term, have harmful impacts on your eyes.

For additional lighting, LEDs are more recommended. This type of bulb gives off a softer light. As a result, it is not too harsh on the eyes. If you plan to read in your living room or bedroom, an LED ball lamp will prevent you from getting tired quickly. A low consumption bulb can also do the trick, but the quality of light will not be the same. If the lamp is really intended to illuminate you for a long night of work, LED lighting will be a great ally.

The ball floor lamp for a decoration that is out of the ordinary

Certain ball floor lamp models can give a touch of originality to your interior. For example, you have plasma ball lamps which are definitely uncommon. It gives the impression of seeing the electric current substantially. To function, it heats a gas to a very high temperature. Despite this, it is safe. It can run on mains or connected as a USB device.

If you're not convinced by the plasma lamp, don't worry, there are other models available. You can rely on the base of the ball to add character. Some designs are unique enough for your interior to benefit from.

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