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How to create a cocooning industrial style living room?

How to create a cocooning industrial style living room?

Are you looking for a particular style to decorate your living room? You can opt for the industrial style as well as the cocooning style . One offers a more neutral ambiance while the other adds a warmer touch . You can mix the two in the cocooning industrial style . This style is the epitome of balance for interior decoration.

Key materials: wood and steel

A living room in the cocooning industrial style is based above all on the principles of industrial style. It is marked by the presence of raw materials . Steel perfectly embodies this spirit , it is both raw with a touch of authenticity . Corten steel with a rusty color is also of interest.

To soften the tone given by raw materials , it is advisable to choose wood as the second main material in your living room. It will bring a “cocooning” note to your living room. Light wood will do the job perfectly . In practice, you can opt for wall decorations in raw steel and furniture made of wood and a little steel .

The link between the two styles: marble

Sleek and warm at the same time , marble will bridge the gap between the two seemingly opposing styles. It is one of the materials that are trendy at the moment. And for good reason, it adds a note of elegance. It combines a raw and warm aspect. When choosing, opt for a light tone to break up the dark industrial style a little. The general atmosphere will be significantly fresher with marble. 

You can use it in your wall decorations , on the floor, and in decorative objects . Marble accessories will be a perfect match with wood and steel. In addition, it will bring a little minerality to your interior . Wood, marble and steel will be the bases of a cocooning industrial style.

Go for a sleek style without clutter

Space is essential to have a successful cocooning industrial style . You must present a desire to create space in your living room, to give a feeling of freedom and grandeur. The model being the old New York style with its brick walls, it is advisable to ventilate the living rooms well so that it can breathe.

The number of furniture will be limited. It is best to opt for pieces that are imposing . As a result, you will have a reduced workforce, while having a fairly large space. For wall shelves for example, the larger they are, the less you will have to multiply them to have more storage space.

The sofa: the central point of your living room

In the cocooning industrial living room , the question of the sofa is essential. It must be comfortable so that the cocooning touch is highlighted. The chairs and seats will bring a cozy and welcoming touch to your living room. The sofa, preferably, should be leather, a Chesterfield will do the trick for example.

Around this sofa, other seats will be welcome. You can opt for armchairs or poufs. If the sofa is quite dark in color, you can break this atmosphere with light shades. Wicker accessories also go hand in hand with a leather sofa. It's all about knowing how to balance between leather and other materials that are a little warmer, such as:

  • Wool,
  • The fabric,
  • Velvet,
  • Plant fibers

Opt for a warm rug to adorn the floor

If the walls are made of brick, to add the industrial touch, the floor should give a warmer impression. It will be in the cocooning style rather than the industrial to gently welcome your guests. Raw materials such as steel will work well with a rug that is silky. Coupled with cushions on the sofa, the rug will be totally in its environment.

When it comes to rug color and pattern, there are many choices. The most important thing is to keep in mind that the rug should be both warm and neutral . Whether plain or striped, the choice is yours. If you find that it lacks a little conviviality, a touch of vegetation will be welcome.

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