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How to light your living room with a powerful floor lamp?

How to light your living room with a powerful floor lamp?

The choice of lighting in the living room is not to be taken lightly. The living room often serves as a relaxation space and a space dedicated to family evenings. This is why we must ensure that this space is warm , friendly and relaxing . For this, the choice of lighting fixtures is important. How about using a floor lamp to illuminate the centerpiece of your home?

The floor lamp: a luminaire that is both aesthetic and functional

Thanks to the floor lamp, you have beautiful lighting to illuminate your living room. This style of lighting will help to bring a special atmosphere . On the market, users have access to a wide choice of floor lamps, some of which have been designed by renowned designers.

This lighting stands out thanks to its rather particular style. It has legs that allow it to overhang other furniture. The floor lamp is lighting that brings a note of authenticity to an interior. It is advisable to select the model suitable for the interior style.

The different models offered on the market

No matter which country in Europe you live in, you can easily make your purchases on Amazon. There are different types of floor lamps available on the web:

  • The floor lamp with a dimmer : with this model, you have the possibility of varying the intensity of the brightness . By opting for this type of lighting, you will not need to install several lighting fixtures. It can be used to illuminate the entire living room. If necessary, you can reduce the brightness to create a more intimate atmosphere .
  • The spot lighting floor lamp : this type of luminaire is suitable for open spaces. It is suitable when the living room follows the dining room. It helps to delimit a space .
  • The floor lamp with functional lighting : this lighting is also known as a reading floor lamp. It is mainly used for the reading corner. It is recommended to use a reflector bulb to concentrate the light, while maintaining its intensity. This prevents eyes from getting tired due to low light.

Shapes of floor lamps available

  • Straight floor lamps
  • These models are more suitable for confined spaces . Thanks to their sleek structures, they do not clutter the floor. Choose models made of wood or steel, because they are both discreet and stable . Make sure the lampshade of the floor lamp matches your decoration.

  • Tripod floor lamps
  • This style of lighting is dedicated to Scandinavian-inspired living rooms. Generally, these floor lamps have three wooden legs. Models with metal legs are suitable for industrial-style lofts.

  • Arc floor lamps
  • It is a retro style accessory. Since it is a strong piece, you can place it in the center of the room. Articulated floor lamps can be combined with other lighting fixtures with a less pronounced style.


    The choice of floor lamp determined according to the type of lighting desired

    In principle, street lamps are designed to emit different lighting powers. Thus, the user can adapt the brightness according to their needs. For these lights, you will have the choice between warm or cold lighting. There are three types of lighting: warm white, neutral white and cool white.

    Cool white is reserved for spaces where you need powerful, cool light. So that the living room invites relaxation and well-being , it is recommended to opt for warm white LED bulbs . This type of light is softer and more calming.

    The type of bulb to select for the floor lamp in the living room

    It is not recommended to use halogen bulbs from the 90s and 2000s. They are very energy-consuming. Do not opt ​​for compact fluorescent bulbs. As they take time to light up, they will not be practical for a floor lamp that will act as the main lighting. The choice of bulb will determine the atmosphere created in the living room .

    Opt for LED bulbs or LED filament bulbs. Choose bulbs with a luminous flux of less than 4,000 Kelvin, they emit warm colors . If you plan to install a floor lamp in the reading corner, opt for white lights with a blueish feel.

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