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How to decorate your student apartment?

How to decorate your student apartment?

Your college room or studio is a place to relax, a place to study, a place to socialize. It is also a blank canvas, in the literal sense of the term. Are you looking to highlight walls and furniture with original decorating ideas for your university bedroom? If you are planning to move into student accommodation, there will be restrictions on what you can do in your room. Here we look at some simple ways to make your living space a real little wonderland!

The decoration of your new student room should be comfortable and full of personality . Whether you want to create artistic designs or simply hang up your old posters of your favorite boybands (no judgment here), there are affordable and easy ways to make sure your dorm room is well decorated.

Before you start painting the walls and drilling holes, there is the small matter of your deposit to consider. Owners of apartments, particularly students, do not have a good opinion of the damage and other “work” that the tenant would have to do in their accommodation, which could cost you your deposit. Fear not: you can still create the home of your dreams without it becoming a homeowner's nightmare. Without further ado, here are some practical decoration ideas, at a reasonable budget for your student accommodation, and without risk for your security deposit.

1. Personalized Notice Board

Bring a bit of your old home and your history into your new home with this decoration that is quite classic but just as effective. Large notice boards are a great way to keep friends and family close as you set up. Simply print your favorite photos and create a collage of memories with your loved ones. Not only will a panel (cork for example) add a personal touch, but it will also bring an original and colorful dimension to your space.

The beauty of this bedroom decor is that it is completely customizable. This means that you can add to the collection photos of your new friends, weekend outings in super cool places that you have been introduced to, in short, freshness and novelty.

How do you hang a cork board without damaging the wall, you may ask?

The answer is quite simple: adhesive tabs , or wall mounting tabs.

They allow you to decorate the walls without incurring the wrath of your landlord. These strips are discreet and hold picture frames, canvases and poster boards in place to create an intimate and sophisticated look.

With these adhesive strips, it is now possible to rejuvenate an empty, lifeless wall with stylish artwork and designs. Hanging pictures used to be a sure way to get rid of your security deposit. Today, you can decorate the walls of your interior without leaving a trace.

You will find these adhesive strips or tabs in any DIY store such as Leroy Merlin, Castorama, or on the internet, at really attractive prices.

2. “Dress” your bed

Did you know that beds can be used to decorate a student room or a small apartment? Well, now you know.

Your bed takes up a lot of floor space, especially in studios. Pretty bedding sets or colorful duvet covers add an extra touch of pep, especially when their colors contrast with those of the bedding. For a look that is both clean and energetic, combine neutral bedding with a bedspread that explodes with color for a really cool look.

Who can say no to comfort? In your dorm room, there's one thing that says a lot about you without you having to say a word: your bed covers. No one wants to go to college and have their new friends realize that you're still sleeping in the Disney or Marvel sheets you've had since 2007.

Don't worry, we've all been there. There are a ton of options in the housewares aisle of any supermarket, so it won't be difficult to find one that suits you AND that won't cost you a fortune.

Decorative cushions are also very useful, especially if you have friends over who need somewhere to sit. Plus, they make you feel like a great host who thinks of everything. Here again, don't hesitate to opt for color to liven up your interior and bring a welcome touch of freshness.

3. Light and lighting, a central element of your decor

The key to having an amazing and explosive apartment is lighting. Most student accommodation suffers from poor lighting, either too bright or not enough. Whatever the situation in your apartment, there are many ways to remedy this problem. Adding light sources can freshen up a room and create a relaxing ambiance.

The simplest and cheapest options are light garlands, to install everywhere! Not only do they add to the feeling of comfort, but they also look great.

Lights are a subtle way to add a warm ambiance to a dark, uninviting room. If you're looking for warmth, decorative lighting is a great way to make your home more pleasant and comfortable.

You can really get creative in this area.

In recent years, “fairy” lights have become super trendy in apartments. Ambient LED strips can be used to disperse the light again without compromising your security deposit.

To avoid potential drama, we do not recommend using candles. Or one solution is to use electric tea lights which retain their effect while protecting your home.

If string lights aren't your thing, opt for some pretty lighting fixtures, whether they're pendant lights or desk lamps , add them to any surface to instantly improve the lighting.

5. A printed wall tapestry

Fabric wall tapestries are a practical and stylish way to decorate your home. Through their design, tapestry wall hangings soften the space with rich texture and colors. If you're tired of the same four walls in your apartment, adding a wallpaper will instantly create a look full of flavor.

Available in varying patterns and materials, this bold design can also be hung with adhesive strips or clips, keeping you in the owner's good graces. Larger, bold wall tapestries inject a spark of life and color, while more discreet patterns fit seamlessly into the room. When the time comes to leave your home, the tapestries can be removed in an instant and stored easily. Simple and efficient.

6. Make the room bigger with mirrors

If your bedroom is a bit stuffy and induces claustrophobia, mirrors can be a solution. You can decorate an apartment or bedroom with mirrors of different sizes to create the illusion of space . There are many stylish freestanding mirrors that will do the job without any fixings.

A strategically placed mirror thus creates additional light and can make a room feel really spacious, thereby widening the space. Both useful and bringing an additional dose of style and charm depending on the model chosen, the use of mirrors will brighten up the room and above all make it more airy. Once the mirror is in place, why not complement it with light sources around the border for a glamorous finish.

7. How about a rug?

Rugs have a room-changing ability that brings crackling energy to bare, empty space. When it comes to decorating a small area, many neglect the largest part of the room - the floor. Decorating student accommodation can be done from the ground up, with welcoming rugs that contrast with the cold tiles.

Set the tone with a soft rug to add texture. Sheepskin rugs are a student-friendly option because they are inexpensive and easy to maintain. The underfoot warmth of the mats also provides extra insulation that keeps you warm when you get up in the winter, making 8 hour classes a little more "enjoyable."

8. Create your little botanical garden

Is a single bedroom really complete without a few houseplants? Harness the power of nature to liven up your decor with a welcoming touch of greenery. Using plants for dorm room decor has benefits that outweigh their aesthetic appeal.

The presence of plants is known to reduce stress and anger , creating a refreshing atmosphere ready for the intensity of exam season. Adding a few plants to your bedroom can create a relaxed and happy atmosphere while helping to improve your concentration and creativity.

If you're a night owl, the oxygen they provide may also help you feel a little cooler when you've had a glass too many.

Installing a plant is, of course, a commitment. If you don't have time or, let's be honest, you always forget to water them, then:

  • cacti,
  • spider plants
  • the aloe vera

are the houseplants that require the least maintenance. Cacti just need a good source of light and a little water from time to time.

Namely, fake plants are also a great way to add a natural touch to the decoration of your room. They will appear alive all year round, require no care and are often quite realistic!

9. Stylish and functional storage solutions

Did you go a little overboard packing for college? Even if the built-in storage in your new bedrooms isn't enough, there are a range of storage options that are both functional and quite visually appealing. From colorful storage boxes to small clothes rails , you can decorate your student accommodation while increasing storage space with various freestanding solutions.

Inexpensive and unobtrusive, hooks and organizers help keep clutter out and provide free space for your other decor to flourish. Over-the-door folding storage and stackable shelves maximize space in student accommodation where storage is insufficient.

Take advantage of unused space with corner shelves, under-bed storage, and pocket organizers . Use these shelves for everything you need to store. If your bookshelf has a plain background, you can personalize it by adding pictures behind your books or adding decorative lights.

That's all for these few decorative tips to beautify and furnish your student apartment at a lower cost. And without doing major work at the risk of seeing your security deposit evaporate.

We hope that this article has allowed you to see things a little more clearly and why not have new decorating ideas for your home, in order to ensure that your home is the place that you hate to leave in the morning and love to return to. The evening.

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