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How to decorate your house for Christmas - practical ideas

How to decorate your house for Christmas - practical ideas

Everyone jokes that the holiday season starts earlier and earlier every year. But planning ahead can mean less stress heading into these weeks. For those who celebrate Christmas, it is one of the most special times of the year.

It is synonymous with quality time with family and friends, generosity, goodwill and many warm memories. This year, we've identified our favorite Christmas decorating ideas that appeal to all five senses: sight, smell, taste, sound and touch.

1. The view

Updating your home decor is the first step to spreading holiday cheer and cheer. Traditionally, the living room is the main gathering place for parties. Once you've decorated the Christmas tree and hung the wreath on your front door, the third project should be decorating the fireplace.

Simple strings of white lights create a warm ambiance. Create a seamless ambiance throughout the room by using the same type of lighting for the Christmas tree, fireplace, door frames and even window surrounds. Wrapping faux seasonal foliage such as boughs of holly, ivy and berries around the light cord helps conceal electrical wiring and brings an outdoor winter element to the space.

Next, place cream and off-white candlesticks in a staggered pattern on the table, so that the bundle of twine and branches wraps around and drapes on either side of the table runner.

The rest is up to you, and your options are almost endless. Consider adding small plantings, hurricane-style cocktail glasses filled with colorful Christmas decorations, or a wreath hanging on the wall above your fireplace mantle.

Once you've decorated your living room, it's time to move on to the other rooms in your house.

Since it's easy to overcrowd powder rooms, kitchens and guest rooms, consider small-scale ideas for these spaces. Festive pillows, brightly colored throw pillows, scented candles, glowing gnomes , glass bowls of Christmas decorations, and various holiday family photos add a festive touch.

It's also the perfect time to show off your friends and family's treasured items. Christmas decorating is all about bringing back those happy memories and creating new ones. And luckily, with Christmas decorations, it's always a "the more, the merrier" mentality, so enjoy!

2. Smell

Indulging your sense of smell is another way to amaze your family and friends during the holidays. Seasonal scents such as pine, cranberry, spruce, gingerbread, fir, and cinnamon are just a few examples of scented candles and decor.

Evoke seasonal flowers , baked goods and Christmas spices by placing scented food warmers on side tables, serveries and dressers. Group cinnamon-scented pinecones in a bowl on your coffee table, or group them on the mantelpiece for a subtle scent.

3. Touch

The aim here being to create a warm and comfortable environment to encourage friends and family to relax, linger and reminisce about past celebrations.

Christmas pillows in soft fabrics encourage cuddle sessions in living rooms and reception rooms. So use large, solid-colored pillows as a background for small, decorated pillows on chairs and sofas. Thick blankets in shades of red, green and cream also work well. You can mix and match them in suitable colors and patterns to create a unique look.

4. Taste

One of the most anticipated aspects of the holiday is the special menu at the center of gatherings with family and friends. Every family has their own secret recipes and special dishes, so we've included a few of our favorites.

A terrine and fine cheese make an elegant starter, followed by a honeyed ham or beef fillet as a main course. For sides, we like au gratin potatoes, cranberry sauce and green bean ragout. When it’s time for dessert, we always make room for different types of pies. 

But don't forget, a Christmas dinner is successful when we are all around the table , so it is better to prepare everything in advance so that you only have to reheat the dishes and thus avoid minute cooking. Christmas is above all a time of sharing, and it's a shame if one or two people spend their entire evening busying themselves in the kitchen.

5. Hearing

For anyone who grew up attending productions of The Nutcracker ballet during the Christmas period, the soundtrack is synonymous with the season and evokes many memories.

Jazz interpretations of classical pieces are also very popular. And for something more contemporary, many current pop artists are recording Christmas songs. So it's easy to find something for everyone joining you for the holiday season. Filling your home with the sounds of the season is one way to keep guests coming back year after year.

The most important thing to remember when decorating for Christmas is that you really can't mess up. It's quite difficult to make a mistake. I mean, we put whole trees, sometimes gigantic in size, in our houses and it doesn't shock anyone. What other time of year would this seem healthy to us? Then we cover it with flashing lights.

So no. You can't ruin Christmas decorations unless you really do it on purpose. So have fun, get comfortable and give me that "ho, ho, ho". It's time to party and not worry!

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