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How to create a unique atmosphere with a lamp with several bulbs?

How to create a unique atmosphere with a lamp with several bulbs?

For optimal lighting in your home in Paris or any other city, a few bulbs are generally not enough. It is therefore more interesting to opt for a lamp with several bulbs .

This also has the advantage of giving you more freedom in carrying out a project aimed at creating a unique atmosphere in your home. This still implies choosing the lighting device according to your real needs.

Your best options for general lighting

If you want to light the living room or bedroom, you will need to start by finding a lamp with several bulbs to illuminate it evenly. You will therefore be better off opting for our Tobias multi-lamp glass ceiling light or others with visible bulbs. With this, in fact, there is only one color for the light sources which are not otherwise covered. You will thus have more diffused and brighter functional lighting.

If you still prefer softer, more subdued lighting for lighting your living room or bedroom, a chandelier with lampshades will be an excellent choice. It will make these rooms more welcoming while having a more relaxed atmosphere. Finally, for visual use of space, it will be better to use a cluster lamp with several small arms that can be personalized as desired.

A directional light for the dining room

In many households, the dining room or kitchen island is the place where families gather most to chat and/or share a meal. Its lighting should not be neglected. It will be perfect if you take into account the following suggestions:

  • Opt for directional light to form beams of light oriented towards the table by favoring covering lampshades
  • The chandelier above the table must have a very central location to avoid shadows being created on the faces of the guests and the dishes not being clearly visible.
  • Provide a textile cable to ensure the suspension of this decorative light at a height of 70 to 90 cm from the table top 
  • Choose light with warm tones to make the dishes even more delectable. You will find a wide choice of 3000 degree Kelvin LED bulbs on the market.

A spider device to reach several places in the living room

A wish to illuminate all areas of your living room while avoiding using several wall lights, spotlights and LED strips? The latter is the element opening up multiple possibilities for configuring your lamp according to your needs. It makes it possible to distribute the arms over a large area by arranging them at the height required to reach each particular area.

You can even choose to take care of the manufacture of your spider design lamp yourself by providing a rosette with a number of holes equal to that of the arms of the device. You will also need cables of a color and length suited to your needs and a decentralization kit for each cable to attach to the ceiling. To complete your Spider, you will have the choice between visible bulbs and a series of lampshades .

What about the stairwell?

To create a unique atmosphere in your stairwell, know that you have greater freedom in the choice of lighting. Many people therefore invest, above all, in this place, light garlands, ribbon lighting, spotlights or wall lights. The number of those who opt for a chandelier is therefore even smaller. There is therefore something to ensure the originality of your decor with a lamp by opting for this device.

You will still have to follow a few rules to ensure success. Start by taking advantage of the height by designing a chandelier with custom textile cables so that there is uniform distribution of light between the floors . This will make each step of your staircase safer.

Also make sure you can easily change the lights if necessary, although with LED bulbs, a change is only necessary after several years. Finally, to benefit from brighter and more diffused light , nothing beats sight bulbs or cage-shaped lampshades .

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