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How to choose and install a headboard reading light?

How to choose and install a headboard reading light?

After a hard day at work, there's nothing like a good read to recharge your batteries and escape. Calm and light are two conditions for having a good time. And installing a headboard reading light is the solution to combine the two. How to choose and install a headboard reading light ?

Choosing the bulb for your headboard reading light

Since it will be installed close to you, it is advisable to use softer lighting than average . Compact fluorescent bulbs should be avoided in this type of situation. They are quite unpleasant to read on the bed and can quickly tire the eyes. Led type bulbs are suitable for your headboard reading light.

They present a less blinding light than conventional bulbs. However, you must be careful with certain LEDs which may have a light that is a little too blue. Preferably, opt for white color temperatures . It should also be noted that if the reading light is intended to be installed in the children's bedroom, choose low temperature bulbs.

Make the choice based on reading habits

The question here is whether you read a lot more in bed or in other rooms of the house. If you enjoy reading before falling asleep, a headboard binder is recommended. In this case, it is advisable to favor reading lights with an adjustable head . Their arms are malleable. Likewise, you will be more comfortable with e -readers whose light intensity can be adjusted .

Reading in bed most often happens at night, but not necessarily. You can also have reading habits during the day. The power of your headboard reading light must be chosen according to this parameter. At night, the light should be soft or moderate , to avoid fatigue of your retina. During the day, it can be a little more powerful to encourage good reading, especially if your room has less natural light.

Headboard binder, a particularly practical choice

Opting for a headboard straightener means, above all, opting for a practical solution . It must allow reading in optimal conditions . It should not offer the same readings as a bedside lamp, for example. It is supposed to offer an angle of 45° so that the rays of light illuminate you optimally. The best choice for achieving this angle is still smoothers with a malleable arm and an adjustable head .

The power of the lamp and its temperature are also practical aspects to consider. If you take an LED bulb, you will have very low energy consumption. In addition, the temperature will be significantly lower than that of a conventional light bulb. With these two parameters, you will have a headboard reading light that will have a fairly long lifespan.

The height at which to install your headboard reading light

Generally speaking, headboard reading lights take the form of a wall light . They will be placed right next to or above your bed. The question is therefore how high to install the wall light . The following wall lights are installed 1.2 m from the floor, in the bedroom:

  • Classic wall lights ,
  • Semi-classic wall lights,
  • Plated sconces .

For wall lights with an adjustable arm, you can opt for a height of 1.3 m. It will be placed so that the light falls optimally on the pages of your book. If her arms are a little longer, you can raise it a little and the height can reach 1.5 m.

Installing your reading light without drilling the wall

Since the most popular form of reading light is the wall light, it is interesting to see how to install it. It is important to note that you can do this without the use of a drill. To do this, you will need a fixing glue and an extrusion gun.

In practice, you will need an e-reader with a stand . First, you will mark the height of the fastener with a pencil. Next, you will apply the fixing glue to the support of your e-reader. Press it strongly for 30 seconds against the wall. Put in place a support so that the glue sets well.

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