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How to choose and install a track spotlight

How to choose and install a track spotlight

Track spotlights are the perfect addition to your home or commercial floor. They add a touch of elegance and drama, and their slim design remains a great addition to any room. Knowing all these advantages, you would like to know more about the installation technique and the selection criteria.

Regulations on the installation of LED lighting on rails

As it is above all an electrical installation, installing a spot on a track requires that you respect the standards in force. It's not enough to have the material and install it however you want. There is a standard to respect, particularly on the product, such as the NF C15-100 standard. The latter is required to guarantee your security as a user.

Whether for a single-phase or three-phase spot, be sure to check its electrical protection class. For a class 1 luminaire, for example, it must be plugged into a sector connected to an earthed socket.

Still in terms of safety, the NF C15-100 standard requires the use of a connection device for spotlights . However, direct connection is possible if your power supply does not allow the installation of a connection box. These are provisions that you should not neglect if you choose to install your spots on rails yourself.

Installing a spotlight on a rail: safety rules

Installing a track spotlight is a great way to illuminate your garden or yard. However, before you start installing it, you need to follow some safety rules.

  • Make sure your spots are at the right power.
  • Install your spotlight on a flat surface and make sure it is not too close to any flammable materials nearby.
  • The support must be inaccessible to children, that is to say on a surface where it would be difficult for them to reach or climb.

Regarding installation, even with increased skills, it is imperative to cut off the power before any handling . Use hand tools that meet safety standards. If you want to know how to install a track spotlight, first make sure you follow these safety rules.

Criterion for choosing indoor track lighting

The selection criteria can span several factors. However, for a general case, you can take into account the following considerations. Your lighting should provide a high degree of uniformity . A track spotlight is not like other types of lighting. It must have the capacity to provide the intensity necessary to avoid regular intervention.

Also note that your fixture must take into account installation, maintenance and replacement requirements . Choose lighting fixtures specially dedicated to this type of installation. A track light is somewhat similar to the adjustable spotlight that is often used in bathrooms. In any case, your installation must not present any obstacle to passageways.

Regarding the characteristics of the lighting device, there are no strict rules. It all depends on your needs, whether in terms of power or intensity . Which would be ideal, a spot whose temperature ranges from warm white to cold white. This may vary depending on the lighting context. As for intensity, a dimmable LED track spot is suitable for all situations.

The steps to follow to install a track spotlight

There are 4 steps to follow to set up a spot on a rail. The first is to choose the location of the rails . Generally, this type of installation aims to highlight a specific area. The support must therefore be well oriented towards this area before fixing them firmly.

Next, remember to place the movable tab legs once the mounting holes are drilled . This way, you don't risk damaging it. Use anchors to attach the tab legs if you want your installation to hold effectively. Now, install the spotlight rail without forgetting to provide access to the electrical wiring. For more practical reasons, install your lighting near an electrical source.

The third step will focus on the electrical connection . Like all electrical installations, refer to the color code: phase (brown, black or red), neutral (light blue) and earth (two-tone green-yellow). Now that the support and the cable are installed, all you have to do is install your LED spots. Specially choose lighting fixtures suited to this type of device to avoid complications.

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