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How to Choose the Right Cheap Scandinavian Lamp?

How to Choose the Right Cheap Scandinavian Lamp?

Scandinavian decorative lighting is currently very trendy. These models stand out thanks to their charm and originality . In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they are also practical and functional. What are the parameters to take into account when choosing a Scandinavian lamp?

Favor wooden materials

In the Scandinavian style, synthetic materials and precious metals must be banned . Decorative lighting should only be made from natural materials. You should favor a material like wood. The majority of Scandinavian lighting :

  • Are made with blond wood (this is the signature of Scandinavian furniture);
  • Have a soft color ;
  • Have a smooth texture .

Most of the models offered are made from oak or beech. If you like models that have more character, go for brown wood. Wood is a very popular material in Scandinavian decor, because it is more solid and resistant . You will be able to enjoy this fixture for many years. In addition, it matches perfectly with all wooden furniture.

Choose a model with a timeless design

Scandinavian lamps stand out thanks to their simplicity, their refined designs and their elementary shapes. These models are often sober and do not have an excessive design . Even though they don't have an ordinary style, they have a timeless beauty . You have the choice between small table lamps and XXL floor lamps with tapered legs.

Scandinavian lamps have a cylindrical shaped lampshade. It is easy to distinguish them from classic models. They are also easy to move and place. Certainly, Scandinavian lamps have an excellent reputation throughout the world, however, they are always offered at a price accessible to everyone. You will find different models adapted to all budgets on a platform like Amazon or in specialized stores. If you are looking for a lamp for your reading corner, opt for a Scandinavian floor lamp.

Select a model that matches the decor

Even though Scandinavian lamps are known for their classic design, some models have quite sophisticated designs. They stand out thanks to their play of shapes and their materials. For example, there are tulip-shaped models, because they were inspired by nature. This style of lamp has a fairly complex design.

Focus on the emblematic colors of Scandinavian decorative lighting

In Scandinavian style, the main color is white. This color goes perfectly with wood. In addition, white reflects light perfectly. For a room like the living room, go for white (sofa, wall, white light fixture). If necessary, you can play with the nuances. Install an off-white throw, grayed white accessories, etc. in the room. Daring people will not hesitate to choose the monochrome style . The total white is really calming. It also brings a contemporary style.

It should be noted that the Scandinavian style has really precise color codes . The color notes to favor are pastel colors such as pink, blue and green. You should choose very light shades like powder pink. It is possible to use yellow by touch, but you must use light tones.

If you adopt the Scandinavian style, avoid color palettes other than those mentioned above. Never use extreme colors (dark and flashy colors).

Opt for Scandinavian-style lighting to create a cocooning atmosphere

Scandinavian lighting is an excellent ally for creating a cocooning atmosphere. Certainly, it is a design from the Nordic countries, but it brings a really warm atmosphere. In this style of decoration, calming and light colors are favored. In addition, the materials used for the decoration are 100% natural . With the Scandinavian style, green plants are also very popular. You will have a house immersed in a zen atmosphere conducive to relaxation .

Do you want to combine Nordic style and modern style? Opt for a Scandinavian tripod lamp. This type of lighting is often suitable for a room like the living room. Place it in a strategic location. You can position it for example near the sofa. It will be useful to you when you read a good book.

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