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How to properly match a Midnight Blue Chandelier to your decoration?

How to properly match a Midnight Blue Chandelier to your decoration?

Thanks to its beauty and elegance, the midnight blue chandelier is an excellent choice for illuminating living spaces. If it is especially suitable for a modern, industrial or Scandinavian interior , nothing prevents its integration into a bohemian, chic or classic atmosphere. So you just need to know how to match it to your decoration. We'll show you how.

Midnight blue chandelier for industrial decoration

An industrial decoration won't really be one without a chandelier. However, not all chandeliers are suitable for this type of interior. In particular, according to interior design experts like Sarah Lavoine, you will have to be careful when choosing materials. Favor raw ones, with metal and wood at the top of the list .

The midnight blue color will be perfect for a chandelier to place above your dining room or living room. It will enhance the brick or waxed concrete wall and the furniture there. It will thus constitute an excellent alternative to the ceiling light or pendant lights, the usual lighting fixtures for lighting an industrial room.

If you want to add more originality to your decoration, set your sights on more fanciful models , such as those with asymmetrical or spherical-shaped branches. There are also those made of metal, but also comprising wood or rope. And as for the bulbs or lamps themselves, they must be visible .

Midnight blue chandelier for a modern interior

Chandeliers are also excellent lighting fixtures for illuminating a modern room. As with the industrial interior, however, you will need to be careful when choosing materials. Metal is a great choice . However, make sure that your chandelier is robust while remaining minimalist , not massive like the chandelier suited to the industrial style. Any monochrome color is suitable, but the best are black, gray and… Midnight blue.

The chandelier for your modern decoration style can also have an original or fanciful shape, like the chandelier for industrial interiors. However, it is differentiated by its composition in other materials characteristic of the modern style , stainless steel, glass, aluminum and chrome metal at the top of the list.

Midnight blue chandelier for a Scandinavian interior

Is there a duck blue Ikea sofa in your living room that is characteristic of a Scandinavian interior? You will probably need as few lights as possible to illuminate this room while avoiding clutter. The chandelier will therefore be an excellent choice.

But will the midnight blue color be suitable? Yes, as long as you attenuate its rather bulky effect with lighter colors for the other elements of your decoration. As for the material, know that fans of Scandinavian decor only swear by wood . You will therefore make a major misstep by choosing another subject.

Midnight blue chandelier for a bohemian interior

A bohemian interior is an interior decorated in a cabinet of curiosities style. It is not in fact subject to strict, well-defined rules. The objective is to only combine objects from various styles in order to have an original and unique atmosphere. Your sublime midnight blue chandelier will be welcome there, provided, of course, that it has been designed in materials that take you on a journey . Choose between:

  • Natural fibers such as wicker or rattan
  • Pearls
  • Feathers

Also make sure that the model in question has particular and unusual patterns or fringes .

Ideal chandelier for a classic interior

If you have opted for a rather classic decoration for your bedroom or another room in your home, you will also have greater freedom in choosing your chandelier . Better yet, the midnight blue chandelier will bring a touch of originality to your interior. Thus, the latter will gain in modernity with a designer midnight blue chandelier , in subtlety with a vintage chandelier, in charm and romanticism with a traditional chandelier, etc. This type of suspension is therefore more intended to evolve the decoration of a classic interior.

What about the chic interior?

Being both chic and elegant, the midnight blue chandelier seems to be ideal for castles and luxurious interiors. However, this is actually not the case. For a chic interior, lighting fixtures with a certain originality are not a better choice.

It is better to turn to the most classic of them. Instead, choose for this type of decoration either a crystal chandelier with tassels, or a golden chandelier. The midnight blue chandelier can still be adapted if its color is replicated on other elements of the decoration or furnishings, such as a blue sofa in the living room or a duck blue bed.

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