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Small lampshades: how to combine them with your interior decoration?

Small lampshades: how to combine them with your interior decoration?

The lampshade , in addition to playing a practical role, brings a significant decorative touch to your interior. You can find all kinds of them, including variations in shape, color and materials. The key is to know which one suits your decoration best to create the perfect alchemy.

The lampshade for modern decoration

If your interior decoration tends towards a touch of modernity . In addition, there are different types of small lampshades that can give you complete satisfaction. Opt, among other things, for one that is made of metal . It will easily integrate into your interior without any discordance with the atmosphere that already exists in the room. However, it must be taken into consideration that this material does not allow too much light to pass through. So it will be a little softer. 

To benefit from an exceptional result, you can also focus on fitness. You can take it with curves that follow that of the oval . This shape brings a touch of modernity while optimizing the propagation of light. This type of lampshade is perfect for coffee tables or for your bedside lamp . A modern decor is not in contradiction with the use of a lampshade, you just need to know how to choose wisely.

A lampshade that fits into the classic style

If you are more into the classic decoration style than the contemporary, the lampshade has a multitude of classic shapes. With this in mind, you can take the conical shape , which is the most iconic. It will certainly adapt to a sober, but elegant decoration . This type of lampshade can be installed in any room of your choice. He will perfectly blend into the atmosphere.

While the materials may vary, the fabric is the most classic possible. The fabric can be worked in different ways to have an extra touch of personalization. He can be :

  • tense,
  • Gathered,
  • Serrated,
  • Embroidered.

The soft light that it will let through will add a serene atmosphere to the room where it will be installed. Due to its classic appearance, it will be discreet so as not to hide your decoration. It will be able to highlight another main element.

A small lampshade for a touch of originality

Small lampshades can add a touch you didn't realize could be possible. Those that are made of plastic are able to provide a retro side to your interior decoration. If you are a fan of pop art decoration , plastic is also the material for you. It can be available in different colors and its opacity can be adjusted according to your needs. You can even go so far as to perforate the walls so that beams can pass through.

Raffia and sisal are also materials that can be used for your lampshade. They are original and fit perfectly into a Zen decoration . If you are a fan of Buddhist culture or practice meditation, this type of lampshade is ideal for you. They are able to take any shape you want so that it can fit any lamp base.

Lampshade colors to choose carefully

The color of the lampshade is as essential as the material and the shape. It can dictate the overall tone of your room with the light it diffuses. You can have soft, subdued light depending on the color . Darker tones such as plum or burgundy will be ideal in a more intimate decoration. Lampshades in this shade can be installed in your bedroom. To have a bit of originality, colors like blue or pink will be perfect. They can be combined with neutral decoration to provide a warm atmosphere .

For a slightly more serious tone like that present in an office, you can choose neutral and light colors. White or beige fits perfectly into an office decoration. If you find that the colors are not enough to let your imagination run wild, the lampshades can be decorated with printed canvases .

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