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How high should you place your pendant lights above a kitchen island?

How high should you place your pendant lights above a kitchen island?

How to hang your pendant lights above a kitchen island?

Remember that time you were surfing the internet and came across a really cute photo of a kitchen with beautiful light fixtures installed above it? You figured you could do the same thing at home. But you are wondering: how high should you place the pendant lights above the kitchen island?

This is a completely legitimate question. I admit that you are not the first to wonder about this. Because you have to admit it. It is not enough to place your lights haphazardly to achieve the desired effect. There are many elements that come into play: the type of lighting, bulb, the size of the room, the shape of the pendant light, but above all, the height at which to fix it.

Today I tell you everything. How high should you hang your lights? How to space them to obtain uniform lighting in the kitchen? Be very attentive. At the end of reading, you will no longer have any excuses to purchase and install the kitchen lighting fixtures you need!

Pendant lights above the island to add style to your kitchen

But first of all, I would like to share with you a remark that I made. Many people think that only the living room deserves proper lighting with the use of pendants or other types of lighting. I know you don't, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

However, I would like to quickly return to the subject and remind you that lighting fixtures are suitable for all rooms in the house. Whether it's the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, the bathroom, the bedrooms, even the hallways, entrances and under stairs, every room should feature a magnificent chandelier. Only the size of the latter will make all the difference.

But we were talking about cooking. It is one of the centerpieces of the house. This is where you cook delicious dishes. It also welcomes your wonderful family moments. You who cook with your partner, the children who help you, some cut the vegetables and others set the table.

Yes, it’s an opportunity for everyone to start by talking about their day before sitting down at the table and continuing the conversation. We prepare for it together by discussing the day.

It is for all these reasons that lighting fixtures are also important for the kitchen. They not only provide suitable lighting, but also aesthetics to this unique room of the house.

But fixing pendant lights in the kitchen is not done randomly . Beyond the lighting style you opt for, there is the question of location and height.

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Which light fixture should you hang above your kitchen island?

As I said, choosing a kitchen pendant light is not made on a whim. This is worth thinking about. On the one hand, a kitchen is exposed to grease and other types of dirt. And there is a good chance that your lights will be affected.

This is why I generally advise opting for kitchen lighting made from materials that are easy to clean. You can imagine that it will be difficult for you to clean fabric or paper chandeliers. Metal, glass or PVC lighting fixtures are therefore good options.

With metal lighting fixtures for example, you have a whole range of choices depending on your tastes and the style of lighting you prefer. For the industrial style, a matte metal will blend perfectly with your interior. If you are more into pop, retro or Scandinavian style, I would rather recommend colored metal .

Glass pendant lights will provide you with more generous general lighting. It is a very simple and effective method for illuminating this space which commonly lacks light.

But that's not all. Lighting is also to be considered. For a kitchen, you especially need targeted lighting on the work surface, but sufficient lighting to illuminate the entire room.

And There you go ! You now know the type of lighting to adopt and the style of lighting you will need. But it's one thing to get the suspension, another is to know how to hang it at the right height.

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What is the ideal height at which to place your lights above the central island?

Before attaching your lights to the ceiling, you need to make sure you place them at the correct height. This will not only allow you to carry out your culinary activity in a peaceful manner and to have very specific kitchen lighting.

But how do you calculate the right height for your light fixture?

Consider traffic around the central island

To hang a pendant light, no matter the room, the only rule that matters is that it does not disturb people's movements . And in the kitchen, this rule is even more relevant. As you know, it’s a place where we move around a lot. You have to collect the cutlery, the condiments, either on the shelves or in the cupboards…

It is a fact. We move around a lot in a kitchen. If the pendant light is placed too low, you risk one day seeing someone 6 feet tall or taller bang their head into the lampshade. You might as well anticipate this and hang your lights at the right height!

Consider visibility

It would be a shame if your pendant light blocked your view when you were cooking or if it obstructed your visibility. It can get annoying if you have trouble seeing the counter. Even more so when you're talking to someone across the room and the light is blinding you.

This is why the base of your light fixture should ideally not go lower than a person's eyes .

Consider the ceiling height

Please note that the lower your pendant light, the more precise and concentrated the lighting above your kitchen island will be. Everything will therefore depend on the ceiling height of your kitchen. If the latter is quite large, you should choose a luminaire with a cable of sufficient length.

  •         For 2.50m ceilings, it is recommended that the bottom of the luminaire is between 80 and 85cm from the surface of the island.
  •         For ceilings higher than 2m80, the distance between the top of the island and the base of the luminaire can be up to 1 meter

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Ultimately: how high should the lighting be above your kitchen island?

Overall, the lowest point of the suspension must be placed at a distance varying between 80 cm and 1 meter from the top of the island. But here too, everything will depend on the use you make of your central island.

If you use it as a work surface and dining table, the light beams and other spots should be large enough to allow you to cook in good conditions, but not too harsh so that you can enjoy meal times.

It is true that it is difficult to obtain these two effects simultaneously. This is why I advise you to opt for lighting fixtures equipped with dimmers. There is nothing more practical for changing the light output of lighting.

In conclusion: how to place your lighting fixtures above your kitchen island?

Throughout your reading, you should have understood that it depends on a number of factors. Usually, the ideal height of the lighting fixtures above the central island is between 80 cm and 1 meter from the surface of the latter.

However, the size of the room, the use you make of your work surface and the lighting you want to obtain are elements that you should also take into account.

There is also the question of spacing. If you want to hang several lights, everything will depend on the quantity and size of the suspensions. If they are large, I recommend an even number (2 or 4). If, on the other hand, they are small hanging ones, you can go with an odd number (3, 5, etc.).

Keep in mind, however, that the width of the fixtures should not exceed ¼ of that of the kitchen island.

The most important thing is that your lights are placed so as not to hinder movement and not to obstruct your visibility. The light beams should not dazzle your vision when you raise your head. Once you ensure this, well, your fixtures will be the perfect height!

I hope you found these tips useful for projects you are currently working on or those to come.

In the meantime, you can already take a look at our store and choose the light fixture that best suits your kitchen . There is something for all tastes and styles!

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