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7 ideas for creating perfect kitchen wall lighting

7 ideas for creating perfect kitchen wall lighting

Interior wall lamps are suitable for any room in the house. These lights are both practical and aesthetic. You can place them in different humid rooms, such as the kitchen. Some models have a nice design. What are the best tips for creating perfect kitchen wall lighting?

Choose LED wall lights

Over time, technology has experienced great evolution. LED interior lighting is one of the new things on the market. It is an advantageous alternative, because it allows you to modernize the kitchen while saving energy. Compared to the classic light bulb, it is more ecological since it consumes ten times less energy. In addition, with an LED wall light , you will provide optimal lighting for your kitchen.

By opting for an LED wall light, you can choose between warm light and cold light . It's also a good way to make a room more welcoming and friendly.

Install spotlights above the work surface

Sports are lights that find their place above the worktop , the sink and the cooking area. This style of lighting is really effective when cooking. You can place it under your tall cupboards for example. It is recommended to install the spots on specific surfaces such as:

  • The work plan ;
  • The kitchen island.

With spotlights, the diffused light is neither too bright nor too subdued . This style of lighting allows you to obtain a beautiful balance when you prepare your dishes. Install switches and dimmers to control the areas to be lit.

Install an LED strip for the kitchen

For the sink, the worktop and the hob, it is necessary to choose functional lighting . These parts require powerful lighting in order to benefit from visual comfort. However, nothing stops you from installing decorative lighting to achieve a warm atmosphere . You can install a warm white LED strip under a bar or a central island. This allows you to have a beautiful luminous halo effect.

There are fixtures that produce both warm white and cool white LED. A remote control provided with the luminaire helps to vary the color according to needs . If you want to have functional lighting, use cool white. On the other hand, to obtain a cozy atmosphere, opt for warm white. To acquire an LED strip , you can refer to our Delisse store, which specializes in this field.

Place two wall lights above the dining table

The arrangement of furniture plays a vital role in decorating your kitchen. Install the sconces in the right place. Place the dining table against one of the free walls in the kitchen, ideally opposite the workspace. Place modern indoor LED wall lights above the table. By choosing this layout, you will create an intimate atmosphere during your meals .

Provide lights on tall furniture

If you have raised furniture, put a few points of light. By calling on a professional, he will ensure that the wiring is invisible. This point lighting is both practical and aesthetic . To create a warm atmosphere, you can consider installing ceiling lights. To avoid harming the eyes, place the lights at a height that does not interfere with the view of residents.

Let yourself be seduced by the black on white or white on black style

White and black are timeless colors that allow you to obtain an interior with an elegant style. If you have a white LED wall light, paint one of the kitchen walls black. As this decor is not banal, this style will make the kitchen atypical and welcoming . In addition, the black color will promote the reflection of light . Install the sconces in the right places in the kitchen. If you wish, you can also install black LED wall lights on the white walls of the kitchen.

Adjust light intensity

Not all corners of the kitchen require light of the same intensity. Vary the intensity of the light depending on the space . For the dining table, for example, favor warm light. White or cold light is more suitable for work spaces. This will help you stay alert when handling food and utensils.

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