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5 decorating ideas with a cane lampshade

5 decorating ideas with a cane lampshade

Whatever style of decoration you want to bring to your interior, you must have THE centerpiece . Here, it is a question of integrating the cane lampshade , a decorative object very popular with professionals and enthusiasts. We offer you decorating ideas that you can draw inspiration from.

The cane lampshade in a bohemian decoration

In recent years, you hear a lot about bohemian style in interior design. This style indeed brings a light and naturist atmosphere into your home. A wicker lampshade won't go amiss. It adapts perfectly to the style, but also in the visual aspect. The cane lamp will have no trouble integrating into the bohemian style with predominance of ocher, beige, camel and brown tones.

To ensure that the bohemian spirit spreads perfectly throughout your home, choosing cane lighting is an excellent idea. The natural braiding will bring the right charm to the location of your lamp. You can place it in all the rooms of your house with a hippie look: in the bedroom, in the living room or even in the hall for a perfect relaxation area .

Take inspiration from stores specializing in decoration such as Ikea to perfect your boho decoration.

Industrial decoration decorated with a wicker lampshade for a successful contrast

Industrial decoration is recognized by the infinite presence of metals whatever their nature. Precisely, the integration of a wicker lampshade in this style provides a very interesting contrast. The ideal is to prioritize copper in your interior decoration, because it is a metal that combines very easily with all other metals, but also with all materials.

If you want this contrast to be more relaxed and your industrial decoration to be more authentic, add other pieces in natural material . This will allow you to lighten the overly heavy effect of your industrial decor while adding a refined and refined touch . The cane lampshade will find its place perfectly in your interior by installing it on a copper side table or on your office table.

When the cane lampshade fits into the vintage decoration

The cane lampshade has the advantage of integrating into almost any style of decoration.

  • If your interior has adopted the vintage style , don't be afraid to install this type of lighting whether in your living room, in the bedrooms or even in the kitchen.
  • Pair it with weathered wooden furniture or rattan furniture adorned with other houseplants.
  • A wicker lampshade is an excellent touch of modernity in your vintage interior.
  • This light fits perfectly in spacious or smaller homes.
  • If you have a wooden floor, the wicker lampshade will undoubtedly enhance the space in question.

This object, both decorative and utilitarian, is perfectly suited to decorating a guest room or a country house.

Timeless Scandinavian decoration: a natural touch for more authenticity

Nordic style decoration is also very popular. The furniture, linens and finishing touches of this style truly adapt to cane objects. If this style appeals to you or if you have already established it in your interior, integrating the wickerwork lampshade will refine your decoration. This marriage will transform your interior in a natural tone and without frills while being functional. You are aware that lighting fixtures are an integral part of the Nordic style. The cane lampshade will be well received there.

Married to wood , widely used in Scandinavian decoration, canework will bring its touch of refinement and perfection . Use this wicker lampshade on your famous tripod floor lamp or on your designer pendant lights. These natural materials will create a feeling of authenticity and simplicity.

Ethnic decor: the cane lampshade really finds its place there

Whatever decoration you have decided to give to your decoration, it is the cane lampshade itself which will bring the ethnic touch . The woven rattan lampshade will provide a play of light and shadow throughout the room to be illuminated. A soothing and natural light will reign in your interior and will transport you into a chic ethnic atmosphere .

A cane object conveys an unrivaled charm to your entire interior decoration. Don't hesitate to combine it with typically ethnic objects for an optimal result.

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