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3 tips for top-notch dressing room lighting

3 tips for top-notch dressing room lighting

The dressing room is just as important as the other rooms in the house. It is used to store and showcase your personal belongings. For this purpose, it deserves lighting worthy of the name. The lighting in a dressing room must be functional and well chosen to best illuminate what it contains.

1. Opt for LED strips as dressing room lighting

For decorative and original dressing room lighting , LED tape is an interesting option compared to conventional lamps. Lighting cupboards and other storage spaces is very important. This allows you to choose your outfits as best as possible. For this, the LED strip provides effective light to illuminate the dressing room . This type of lighting also allows you to benefit from a designer and modern dressing room.

Whether you are looking for a more intimate or brighter atmosphere , you have the choice between different types of LED strips. For example, you will find at Castorama a wide selection with 12V, 24V, 220V or even connected LED strips . In addition, LED strips provide great flexibility and versatility. Installing LED strip for dressing room brings a decorative and festive touch thanks to the different colors offered.

Certainly, you can choose between several colors of white and multicolor. Thus, you have the possibility of varying the light intensity using an LED remote control and an RGB controller . In the case of low voltage tapes, installation is done using double-sided adhesive. As advice, also plan to install a power adapter and a transformer. You can hide them at the bottom of a drawer or on the highest shelf.

2. Install recessed LED spotlights for dressing rooms

LED spotlights are one of the classic solutions when it comes to dressing room lighting. Be aware that a single central light is not enough to illuminate most closet compartments. To this end, it is advisable to provide additional light sources for your dressing room. These will focus on specific locations.

To preserve the lines and characteristics of your dressing room, it is wise to favor recessed LED spotlights . What's more, this luminaire is more or less discreet. As its name suggests, it fits directly into the support where it is fixed. This is the best way to enhance the aesthetics of your dressing room.

You have the choice between different types of recessed LED spotlights, including:

  • mini-spots if you have a small dressing room or to light a drawer,
  • Surface-mounted LED spotlights , perfect for highlighting a large wardrobe,
  • square recessed LED spotlights , placed on the ceiling for overall dressing room lighting,
  • Adjustable recessed spotlights to diffuse light over a specific area.

The energy-saving and ecological characteristics of recessed LED spotlights make them an asset for decorating the dressing room. The LED light source certainly has the advantage of consuming 7 times less energy than halogen or incandescent lighting. Choose Philips recessed LED spotlights for better quality.

Other modern style lighting fixtures may also be suitable depending on the size of your dressing room, such as wall lights, which are discreet and efficient to provide quality lighting.

3. Choosing the Ideal Color Temperature for Closet Lights

With LED color temperature dimmer lights, you can now create different lighting moods . By varying the color temperature, you go from warm white to cool white. The first is conducive to relaxation and the second facilitates concentration.

This feature allows you to adapt the light to your activities. Whether LED spotlights, wall lights or LED strips, choose a color rendering that meets your expectations.

You can measure the ability of a light source to diffuse color nuances using CRI . In other words the color rendering index. The latter corresponds to daylight and ranges from 0 to 100.

For most LED light sources, this index varies from 80 to 90 . This is why we favor LEDs for dressing room lighting.

You will find 3 main color temperatures , namely warm white, neutral white and cool white. Therefore, prefer warm white to offer a warm atmosphere to your dressing room.

However, if you have a makeup area with a mirror, choose neutral white. A little advice: the lighting must be well distributed in your closet to avoid shadowy areas.

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