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How to Choose Light Fixtures for Every Room in Your Home

How to Choose Light Fixtures for Every Room in Your Home

Illuminating your home is not as simple as it seems at first glance. The choice of lighting fixtures plays a crucial role in defining the space and creating the desired ambiance.

Whether you prefer a modern or classic style, whether you like cozy and warm atmospheres or whether you are a fan of functional and refined lighting, it is vital to choose your lighting carefully.

In this article, we will help you understand the importance of lighting in the ambiance of a home and discover how to dare with original layouts to make each room unique. We will also provide you with a guide for selecting lighting fixtures for each room, as well as the criteria to take into consideration.

Finally, we will present to you the different models of lighting adapted to each space in the house. So, are you ready to give a new dimension to your interior with lighting?

Understand the importance of lighting fixtures in the ambiance of the house

Lighting plays a crucial role in any home. It's not just about illuminating a space, but creating a pleasant environment that subtly shapes your ambience, your comfort and even your mood. With the flip of a switch, we have the ability to radically transform an environment.

Why are light fixtures important in a home?

A well-lit home is more than a luxury, it embodies the expression of style and functionality. The luminaires have a number of undeniable advantages such as:

  • Sets the Mood: Lighting can create a warm and welcoming environment. Floor lamps accentuate the ambiance of a room while indirect light generates a soft and intimate atmosphere.
  • Highlights Architecture and Decor: Good lighting can highlight the architectural details and decor elements of your home.
  • Promotes Better Vision: Proper lighting can help prevent eye strain and improve visibility, especially in areas such as the kitchen or office where functional lighting is needed.
  • Improves Safety: In outdoor areas, security lighting is essential to prevent accidents and deter intruders.

Therefore, it is of absolute importance to think about the layout and the desired lighting atmosphere before choosing the luminaires. A well-thought-out lighting plan can improve the aesthetics of your home and promote your well-being. Whether for an architectural project or just to revamp your space, considering the importance of lighting could well be the final touch to enhance your home.

Be sure to choose your lighting fixtures carefully, considering not only their aesthetic appearance, but also their functionality and suitability for their intended location. After all, the very essence of a home lies in the comfort and ambiance it provides to its inhabitants, and your lighting fixtures play a key role in this quest for perfection.

Why dare original installations

In the world of interior design, an emerging trend embraces originality, encouraging decoration enthusiasts to dare with original layouts. Instead of taking the more traditional route, today's daring decorators are leaning toward unique, distinctive and distinctly attractive options. So why should you strive to participate? Here are some fascinating reasons.

  • Create a truly unique space : By opting for original layouts, you have the opportunity to transform your space into a work of art that reflects your style, your taste and your hobbies. It's not just a house but an extension of yourself.
  • Attract attention and arouse curiosity : The avant-garde nature of original layouts ensures that your space will stand out. They are intended to cause a double take, attract attention and pique the curiosity of your visitors.
  • Get out of your comfort zone : Original installations are a fantastic opportunity to break the monotony and get rid of the ordinary. By pushing the limits, you discover new ideas, open yourself to new horizons and push the limits of your creativity.

“It is always recommended to dare with original layouts to bring a unique touch to your interior.”

Daring to be different with original layouts may seem intimidating at first, but don't let that scare you. Of course, these bold choices aren't for everyone. However, if you have an avant-garde soul, the desire to create a space that suits you and is out of the ordinary, then this is the option to take.

After all, it's time to write your own interior design story. So take the risk and ignore the established rules! In design, nothing is out of the question as long as it brings you happiness. Your house, your rules.

Guide to selecting lighting fixtures for each room

No matter which room you are making more welcoming, lighting plays a crucial role. Light fixtures are not only used to illuminate the space; they are also a key element of your interior decoration. Whether you're renovating your home or simply looking to give a space a facelift, this guide will help you choose the right fixtures for each room.

For the living room

The living room is where everyone comes together, a space for relaxation and entertainment. Therefore, natural and soft lighting is essential.

  • Consider pendant lights or chandeliers for general lighting.
  • Table lamps on side tables or floor lamps in corners can add a touch of warmth.
  • Wall sconces can enhance your artwork and add an extra dimension to your space.

For the kitchen

The kitchen requires lighting that is both functional and inviting. It should be bright enough to prepare your meals, but soft enough to make the space feel inviting and warm.

  • Ceiling lights are a popular option for general lighting.
  • Directional spotlights can be used to illuminate certain areas, such as the sink or cooktop.
  • Suspended lighting or wall sconces can add a decorative touch and make the kitchen more welcoming.

For the bedroom

Soft, calming lighting is ideal in the bedroom to create a relaxing atmosphere needed for a good night's sleep.

  • Bedside table lamps provide soft light for reading before bed.
  • Chandeliers or pendant lights can add a touch of elegance.
  • Wall lights with downward lighting can create a warm ambiance.

For the bathroom

Although the bathroom requires functional lighting for personal care, that doesn't mean the lighting can't be stylish and warm.

  • Opt for recessed spotlights for general lighting.
  • Sconces on the mirrors provide excellent light for getting ready.
  • To create a spa ambiance, consider LED mood lights.

For the office

Proper lighting in the office can boost productivity and reduce eye strain.

  • Use a desk lamp for focused lighting when reading or writing.
  • Diffusing ceiling lights or floor lamps can provide general lighting.
  • Wall sconces or pendant lights can add an aesthetic touch.

Each room is unique and requires a different type of lighting. Consider the role each fixture will play and the feel you want to create in the space. By doing this, you can ensure that you select the appropriate fixtures for each room in your home.

Criteria to take into consideration when choosing lighting fixtures

If you're considering refreshing the aesthetic of your home, don't underestimate the power of the right lighting. Well-chosen lighting fixtures can dramatically transform a space and help create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. So, to help you navigate among countless options, we have developed a detailed guide which highlights the essential criteria to take into consideration when choosing lighting fixtures.

Style of your home

First, you need to take into account the style of your home. Depending on whether your home has a modern, bohemian, rustic, or traditional aesthetic, you'll want to choose lighting fixtures that match and accentuate that style. 👌

  • For a modern home: Opt for lighting fixtures with clean lines and geometric shapes.
  • For a bohemian style: Prefer lamps with colored fabric lampshades or with ethnic patterns.
  • For a rustic style: Nothing better than wooden or wrought iron lamps.
  • For a traditional style: Crystal or ceramic lighting fixtures are timeless classics.

Fixture type

There are different types of lighting fixtures, each with its own function:

  • Ceiling lights or pendant lights: They diffuse general light and are therefore perfect for illuminating an entire room.
  • Wall lights: They create a softer, indirect light, perfect for creating a warm atmosphere.
  • Table lamps: They are better suited for additional lighting or reading.
  • Floor lamps: They are often used to illuminate a specific corner of the room.


We can't talk about lighting without talking about brightness. It is crucial to ensure that the room is well lit. Light that is too bright can be dazzling, while light that is too dim can cause eye strain.

Also remember that each room has specific lighting needs. For example, you will need more light in the kitchen or office than in the bedroom or living room.

By keeping these criteria in mind, you will be able to make an informed choice for your home. So, ignite your creativity and start planning your lighting project!

The different models of lighting for each room in the house

Properly lighting your interior is a vital element in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There are many models of lighting fixtures offering various features for every room in the house. From the kitchen to the bathroom, each place has its specific needs and deserves special attention to choose the appropriate lighting. Here we go, let’s explore the different options together!

Kitchen lighting

The kitchen is a multifunctional space where meals are not only prepared, but often where they are also enjoyed. It therefore requires functional but also user-friendly lighting. Here are some suggestions:

  • Recessed spotlights : These lights provide targeted lighting, ideal for highlighting work surfaces.
  • Pendant lights : They will dress the space above the central island while providing soft, diffused light.

Living room lighting

The living room is a place of relaxation where we like to get together. The lighting must therefore create a warm and soothing atmosphere. Why not consider:

  • Floor lamps : They provide indirect light which provides a soft and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Wall lights : They complete the lighting by giving relief to the room.

Bathroom lighting

The bathroom, on the other hand, requires light that is both practical for daily tasks, but also generates a relaxing atmosphere for soothing baths. To achieve this balance:

  • Lighted mirrors : These lights provide precise lighting for morning washing.
  • Recessed spotlights in the ceiling : They diffuse general light in the room.

The wealth of lighting models available today means that it is possible to meet all expectations in terms of lighting. But don't forget, the choice of lights must reflect your style and your desires, because they will bring the final touch to your decoration!

Choosing the right light fixture for each room in your home is not just about decorating, it's also about shaping the ambiance and living experience in your home. By considering each room individually, and taking into account the significant influence lighting fixtures have on the ambiance of your home, you can significantly transform your space.

Whether for the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom or the office, each room requires particular care in the choice of lighting fixtures. At Delisse , you will find a selection of lighting made in France and Scandinavian style that will perfectly suit every corner of your home.

Remember, a well-chosen light fixture can transform the ambiance of your home into a warm, inviting and perfectly balanced place. From now on, dare to create original layouts and bring a unique touch to your spaces with light! Visit our site to discover our incredible selection and find the lighting that will bring the final touch to your interior decoration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the different types of lighting fixtures available?

    There are many types of lighting fixtures available, such as pendant lights, wall lights, ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps, recessed spotlights, etc.

  2. How do I choose the right light fixture for each room in my house?

    To choose the right light fixture for each room in your home, it's important to consider the function of the room, its style and ambiance, lighting needs, the height and size of the room, and your budget.

  3. What type of lighting is best for bedrooms?

    For bedrooms, it is recommended to use table lamps or wall lights to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Bedside lamps are also practical for reading.

  4. Which lighting fixtures are suitable for bathrooms?

    Bathrooms require functional and secure lighting. Suitable lighting fixtures include wall lights, waterproof ceiling lights and mirrors with integrated lighting.

  5. What should I consider when choosing lighting fixtures for my kitchen?

    For the kitchen, it is important to have versatile and functional lighting. Pendant lights above the kitchen island, recessed spotlights for prep areas, and ceiling lights for general lighting are popular choices.

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