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10 tips for decorating your small apartment - part 2

10 tips for decorating your small apartment - part 2
Continuation and end of the previous article which presents us with some tips and tricks for optimizing the decoration and layout of a small area.

6. Opt for a light color palette

Be light when choosing the colors of your apartment. While bright and dark colors tend to make spaces visually shrink, light tones help to air out the room. If you absolutely need to live in a very colorful place, you can always choose distinctive and slightly flashy furniture which will give a good boost of pep to your interior.

When choosing your colors, focus on choosing three of them: the first two being light, bright shades that will fit in with the majority of the space.
Next, add a more accent color to keep things visually interesting, and not make your home feel dull and inexpressive.

You can also choose a main color and buy or paint all the furniture in that space in the same shade. Next, choose a second, brighter color to place on certain parts of the room. However, we advise you to limit your overall color palette. Too many colors in a small space can quickly make the whole thing a bit stuffy.

Interior of the modern loft kitchen-studio in the apartment. Room, furniture, sofa near wooden fireplace.

7. Round off the corners with furniture and decoration

Since most small apartments tend to be quite cubic in shape, use your furniture to add some curves.
Consider using a round dining table or sofa and chair set with angled sides.

Once you've found furniture that meets your needs and personal style, be sure to highlight those curves by using similar shapes in your accessories.

Rather than choosing a simple rectangular mirror for the bathroom, opt for a round mirror that brings out your personality.
Rather than settling for a straight floor lamp, try some table lamps that have a more rounded shape.

If your apartment has a natural shape, don't hesitate to highlight it. Transform a curved window into a cozy reading spot by adding a chair and bookcase.

8. Add Depth

Small spaces lack depth because the eye doesn't have much room to linger there. Fortunately, you can easily compensate for this depth by layering different elements on top of each other.

Add a few rugs to help cover less stylish floors. Add several blankets and cushions to add depth to your bedding while keeping you warm and comfortable.

It's important to note that layering isn't just about stacking one design element on top of another, but also about creating contrast. So when selecting the items you want to layer in your apartment, choose pieces that vary in materials, textures, and patterns.
For example, if your sofa is very neutral, choose cushions with bolder patterns and colors.

9. Embrace the “floating design” trend

As we said above, large and bulky furniture can make a small apartment feel cramped and stuffy. Incorporating floating elements into your design can help air things out by allowing the eye to roam the entire space, while still providing the same functionality.

Try using wall shelves in place of a bookcase or a vanity unit in place of a traditional vanity. In terms of furniture, items with legs will appear to take up less space than those that sit directly on the floor.

Create a gallery-style display by purchasing a few wall shelves of varying sizes. Have fun staggering them to create a unique arrangement. Next, look for a variety of paintings, photographs, statues and accessories to fill the space. In no time, you'll have your home art house created.

10. Declutter your apartment regularly

It's completely natural to accumulate clutter after living in one place for a while. However, when living in a small apartment, clutter is much more apparent because there are fewer places to hide it.

Once or twice a year, make the effort to go through your belongings and reevaluate what to keep. You'll be surprised how many items you don't use or no longer use, and how much cleaner and healthier your home looks when you're done.

For those struggling to combat clutter, professional organizer Linda Rothschild shares her advice. She recommends setting a deadline, tackling one room at a time, starting with the most cluttered. She believes that limiting organizational tasks to a small number of tasks will help them appear more manageable and avoid fatigue.

Living in a small apartment doesn't mean you have to forgo interior design in favor of functionality. Living in a small apartment doesn't mean you have to abandon interior design in favor of functionality.

Instead, you should try to find a balance between these two aspects. Refer to this article when decorating your small apartment to ensure it meets your needs while looking neat and attractive.

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